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To choose your record without difficulty, follow our guide!

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Excellence | Let yourself be tempted by one of the timeless dishes on the Christmas table. With family or friends, register in all of these states. Creative delights….

Fox on a Bed of Snow by Yann le Couvreur

A Snowy Christmas by Jeanne Couvreur – © Jeanne Couvreur

His favorite animal, the fox, a reference to the pastry chef character, is wrapped in milk chocolate and coconut in all forms.
Lightness and softness with caramel, crunchy with pralines and roasted fruits, all the ingredients are there to please the gourmet.
Price: 6 shares 100 euros including tax

Record stars Shangri-La

The Starry Record by Maxence Barbot of SHANGRI-LA – © SHANGRI-LA

Maxence Barbot, Head Pastry Chef at Shangri-La Paris, brings us a gourmet and refined creation with the Starry Log, with the subtle allure of anise flower.
The balance of flavors and nuances of this pastry is unparalleled!
Under the chocolate bark, all eight petals of a burdock reveal different sweets. Mousse, touches of anise, clementine jam and leucantine confit suggest sweet moments
Price: 118 euros, including VAT
To order on the website or at 01 53 67 19 91.

Plaza Athenee Chalet

plaza-athenee-buche-by-Angelo-Musa – © Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Born from the collaboration between Meilleur Ouvrier de France and International Pastry Champion – Angelo Musa, Elisabeth Hot (pastry chef) and Chef Jean Emperre, Plaza Athénée’s Christmas Log tells the story of Christmas.
Beneath his white coat, and subtle red accents, the château’s crest, the chalet houses a dessert flavored with spice, candied orange, and fluffy almond rice, all topped with a creamy dark chocolate ganache.
Young and old will be delighted!
Price: 125 euros for 6
To be ordered on the website 125 € TTC –

Jay Martin’s boletus log

Wild mushroom stem from the Grand Véfour forest by GUY MARTIN – © GUY MARTIN

For Christmas 2022, 3-star chef Guy Martin has created a craving record, chocolate mousse and dark chocolate. All in finesse and lightness, this dessert oscillates between the passion and sweetness of chocolate and passion fruit jelly, dark chocolate ganache and mousse!
A delicacy that punctuates Christmas dinner in style!
Price: 88 euros, including VAT
To order at Grand Véfour

Chocolate fan by Mandarin Oriental Paris

Mandarin Oriental – © Mandarin Oriental

Adrien Bozzolo collaborated with Nisrine Bouazzaoui Grillié, Nose for the perfumery house Givaudan. Through their joint creation, the two craftsmen have imagined a record, a sensation, that invites you on a journey through the aromas and flavors of the Far East.
A true work of art where we find the fan’s craftsmanship and polished finish.
Black sugar crunchy pralines from Okinawa and bobo aari, cream also made with chocolate, paprika from Madagascar as well as tangerine and ginger interspersed it all.
To taste first with the eyes!
Price: 108 euros, including VAT
To order on 01 70 98 74 00

Yule log 1724 by Alain Ducasse and Aymeric Pinard

Limited edition from 1724 – In Alain Ducasse’s restaurant at Versailles – Le Grand Contrôle – © Philippe Vaurès Santamaria

Aymeric Pinard, pastry chef at Alain Ducasse au château de Versailles – Le Grand Contrôle, presents the limited edition yule log 1724, which pays homage to the garden of the Château de Versailles.
Dipping vanilla harmoniously, he creates a Christmas registry with the signature motifs that Pierre Tachonne’s design will so well light up the festive table.
Log a delicious Christmas out of time!
Price: 85 euros including VAT
to order in [email protected]

The Yule Log at Park Hyatt Vendôme Paris

Check in Yule at Park Hyatt Paris – Vendôme by Naraé Kim – © Park Hyatt Paris

Nara Kim, pastry chef at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme created a realistic and airy haute couture registry for Christmas. This refined and refined record is a tribute to Jane Paquin, the couture queen of the 1930s.
A bold formula that combines the freshness of pear with the intensity of hazelnut, 72% Venezuelan chocolate mousse and a touch of eau de parfum and pear cream.
A Haute Couture innovation that envelops the palate!
Price: 95 euros including VAT from 6 to 8
To order on 01 58 71 10 60

Farandoli scored from the Ritz Biscuits

THE SMALL BISCUIT LOG-Ritz Paris – © Ritz Paris

This year, Chef François Perret is engaging young and old in a joyful atmosphere of indulgence. From the biscuit-flavored bread base to the almond-macadamia heart, via the ultra-light vanilla whipped cream, this register gives a sweet home to the typical spices of Christmas cookies, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and a touch of nutmeg…
happy birthday !

Price: 150 EUR including VAT 150 EUR for 8 people.
To order at www.ritzparislecomptoir.com.

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