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A free PS5 update has been released for the critically acclaimed PS4 game

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The critically acclaimed game first released on PlayStation 4 in 2017 has now received a free next-gen update for PlayStation 5. Since the launch of the PS5 over two years ago, developers around the world slowly clamoring to improve their updates. Games optimized for the latest PlayStation console. And while this latest title to receive the original PS5 update may be unexpected, it’s welcome.

As of this week, the publisher Wenji announce it night in the woods It received a new patch to work natively on PS5. Developed by Infinite Fall, night in the woods is a story-driven adventure game that was originally part of the Kickstarter campaign. After its release in early 2017, the game continued to wide acclaim. Currently it has an impressive overall score of 87/100 Metacritic making it one of the highest rated games on PS4 for the year of release.

As for what the next-gen upgrade has to offer night in the woodsFinji said he will now allow the game to run in 4K at 60fps on PS5. despite night in the woods It’s not a title that needs a high level of performance to enjoy it, it’s still great to see that Finji released this update long after the title originally arrived on PS4.

If you want to know more about night in the woodsYou can see the official game description below.

College dropout Mae Borowski has returned home to the crumbling former mining town of Bosom Springs and is aimlessly searching to resume her old life and reconnect with the friends she left behind. But things are no longer the same. , and there’s just something in the woods.

night in the woods is an exploration, story and character driven adventure game with dozens of characters to meet and plenty to do in a colorful world.

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