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Christmas selection | Be inspired and on your 31st for the holidays!

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The last straight line to getting ready for the holidays in fun and style. Before, during and after Forbes has put together a wish list that will make all the difference. Beauty, aromatic atmosphere and culinary taste, order the program!


V-Firm, Valmont, for a stellar complexion

Coming soon D-Day, we’ve finally found the perfect outfit for waking up in style! But the marathon pace of the past weeks cut short my nights and it’s reflected in your face… Your to-do list doesn’t allow you to schedule a relaxing spa appointment, what should you do? We rely on the good care of the luxury Swiss cosmetics brand, Valmontwhich just revealed its new miracle protocol: V Company. It’s a real attack against skin stress, loss of elasticity and radiance, which accelerates the appearance of fine lines! But more than that, there is a revolution underway in the production of dermal matrix molecules, in other words: cell renewal at an age when the skin needs to be stimulated more than ever.

Radiance boosting and immediate lifting effect, V-Firm is highly effective © Valmont


This triple action ritual contains the scientific answer to that time that eludes us as much as it weighs us down. We count on Serum From the creamy range rich in active ingredients that appears like an enveloping veil. Helps transform skin by targeting sagging skin and puffy volumes. the V-Firm Cream Hiding under its elegant golden cap are highly effective skin barrier-strengthening principles, such as a firming treatment Al Ain area Based on hyaluronic acid, it acts as a moisturizing film tensor and complements the deep effect of the heart of the V-FIRM formula (a mixture of peptides, a density complex and a DNA / RNA duo). Lifting effect is immediate! Yes Yes ! And above all, it promises excellent results in the long run. In the meantime, she’ll be turning 31 to celebrate.


Carrière Frères, haute couture candles

Invoke the spirit of Christmas with a timeless accessory: the candle. Sensual and decorative, this wonderful classic is available for all tastes and budgets. Because we want to pamper our loved ones, we choose an autographed gift Career brothers, one of the definitive references on the subject. This season, the tricolor flagship invites us to Siberia for its new limited edition, available in three festive fragrances – Winter rose, candied ginger and smoky wood. The woody fragrance of Siberian pine trees, by turns traditional and symbolic of shared moments with the family, manifests itself in three different facets. Married to Rose d’Hiver, she paired a powdery look, revealing subtle femininity.


This winter, Siberia is coming to you! © Career Brothers

Mixed with the candied spice of ginger, it calls for a fresh and gourmet flavour. Combined with smoked wood, it becomes more enveloping and comforting.

It’s a real fragrant haven in the heart of an enchanting winter! Carrière Frères succeeds in transporting us to the pure lands of this endless land, without ever leaving its interior. Covered with botanical motifs printed directly into the glass, the Three Classic Candles (185g) consist of a 100% vegetable wax, accompanied by a disk that releases woody notes. We keep the flame going with our loved ones by bringing home special items like a Tiaré Candle for a trip to Antipodes in Polynesia. You can also invite a close friend somewhere in the Mediterranean with a mint green candle that recalls the tea party with its intoxicating scent.


The candle is a gift to yourself as well as to others © Carrière Frères

Perrochet Restaurant, Paris from Heaven

We treat ourselves to New Year’s Eve hanging in the Paris sky sitting in a heart Modern Paraket Restaurant. No need to take a flight for a city break when the City of Light can offer us the all-in-one experience. In Printemps de l’Homme, after the branded shopping, you take one of the hidden doors to get to the elevator that takes you to a real garden in zero gravity. cleverness Laurent D Gourcufffounder of chic paris society, hit again. The businessman, an advocate of a certain French way of life, has recreated a green oasis in the heart of the capital where it is pleasant to stay.


A festive atmosphere from the Riviera in the middle of winter in Paris © Paris Society

Not only for a friendship drink or a romantic dinner, but also for celebrating wonderful moments as a couple or as a group.

Perruche highlights sunny flavors and colorful dishes. The menu revisits the solar kitchen for sharing, and quality service. Within its walls, where the outer/inner barrier has been abolished, there is only one season: summer! New Year’s Eve a la carte menu: duck liver, orange-cinnamon gingerbread, scallop carpaccio, caviar, creme isini, beef rossini, truffle juice, potatoes au gratin or grilled turbot filet with creamy mariner oysters. For dessert, gourmet chocolate tart. A holiday themed menu to savor perched on their huge terrace overview. On the horizon an unforgettable dinner under the most beautiful sky in the world exactly …


Perruche restaurant, trendy table selection for New Year’s Eve © Paris Society

Angelina, pastries and hot chocolate for the next day

A note for sweet tooths who no longer know which palate to dedicate themselves to! Who says party, also says an avalanche of logs, candies and other candied chestnuts… dessert to be enjoyed in slippers at home or at an equally cozy address. Out of inspiration to share a tasting moment with your loved ones? Or do you just want to put your apron away after saving your XXL for New Year’s Eve? direction Angelina’s typical Parisian tea room Which is mistakenly believed to be the preserve of tourists.

At 226 rue de Rivoli, we do not hesitate to queue for a tea time experience in the pure tradition of the end of the nineteenth century. old fashioned hot chocolate Intense and strong on the palate, a selection of flavored teas or cocoa paired with delicious pastry creations.


Complement your afternoon tea with Hisbiscus and lime log yule signed by pastry chef Christophe Appert © Angelina Salon de Thé

The dessert cart that comes is made up of mini eclairs, macarons, and steep madeleines, plus delicious bits that combine two sandwich sticks and a piece of fondant cheese. Christmas Commitments, we decorate the festivities with one of our signature Christmas records Chef Christophe Appert Which this year puts Ebony in the spotlight with its recipe with crunchy dark chocolate and milk chocolate topped with, of course, chocolate bark decoration. All you have to do is live the moment in this beautiful beautiful place and remember that it was here, in your place, that Proust, Coco Chanel and the greatest French fashion designers met … Stop in this kingdom dedicated to sensuality.


We’re also melting for our full chocolate Christmas registry © Angelina Salon de Thé




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