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France is deceiving itself after the World Cup

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a) a guy from Paris, b) a politician, Emmanuel Macron is very simple.Manu Fernandez/The Associated Press

France’s leaders have suffered humiliating defeats over the centuries, but never more so than on Sunday.

As usual, French President Emmanuel Macron attended the World Cup final rooting for his team.

He left his seat after every French goal. When France scored their third goal, half-anticipated cameras panned a shirtless Macron as he hung his shirt over his head. Magic Mike.

Unusually, Macron took to the field to sympathize with the losing French team. Do you know what famous athletes don’t like? Touched Do you know what they like least? Thirsty strangers touch them and use them to take pictures.

A special target for Macron’s ministers is French star Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe had been sitting with Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez for a while when Macron crept up to him and started going over his head. A nervous Mbappe jumped up and started running away.

Macron did not understand the hint, Macron followed suit. Several times he tried to kiss her in one of those deep hugs reserved for funerals and going to war.

Mbappe was fired. Macron shook his head. Mbappe retired. Macron followed him. Mbappe stopped looking in his direction. Macron continued to speak.

In the end, Macron pretended to be immersed in a conversation with another person – French coach Didier Deschamps. Deschamps looked at him. “I’m not voting for you.”

When it came time to accept his runner-up medals, Macron was back. a) a gentleman from Paris, and b) even by the standards of a politician, this man is very handsome.

When Mbappe tried to escape again, Macron grabbed his head and refused to let go. What are we going to do to get rid of this anomaly? Lee Judo?

You can tell what Macron was looking for – one photo of Mbappe’s face buried in the crease of his neck. Faced with this, the French press accused the president of hypocrisy. Macron has in the past accused others of trying to “politicize” sport.

His political opponents are gone correct word. Someone said that Macron was associated with Mbappe. Which is not bad.

but the French cannot get over it, for it is too dreadful for them to think, and what kind of trickery they all look like this morning.

You might say you didn’t vote for the boy, and that might be true, but he’s the one in charge of your shop, No? America’s had to deal with this for four years and you haven’t heard her complain, right? So there you go.

Like it or not, Macron is where the non-French do business with France. He was walking around like a man with sinusitis.

One of the things this World Cup has shown is that most politicians have more to do with politics than with sports.

If it appears in a team jersey, it will look like a bubble. If you’re wearing a suit, you’ll look tough. If you shake hands with FIFA President Gianni Infantino, you are complicit. If you stay away from all the other celebrities, you’re awesome.

David Beckham tried to play politics on behalf of Qatar. It was a disaster. He avoided the media for the full five weeks of the World Cup, so no one will ask him why this new policy. So he was trembling for fear that no one would speak to him.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has done political work on behalf of the Qataris.

Blinken looked very happy in every game. When asked to explain how his legs didn’t burn when he landed in such a bad place, Blinken said, “I’m not happy coming to Team USA.”

Which is not the question. This is how we do politics. No player was harmed in creating this post. And most importantly, you don’t need to meet anyone.

How is the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani? He waited a full five weeks to complete his job in less than 10 seconds. As Lionel Messi prepared to lift the FIFA World Cup, Amir dressed him in the traditional black outfit, the Bisht.

Not taking it seriously, the prince asked the star of the show to nod to his hosts in a moment that drew massive global attention.

That’s how politics works – symbols, not speeches. Nobody listens anymore. Did we mention Macron made one too?

Pictures of Messi looking good with a prince standing behind him like a godfather are impressive. They should be. Its price is 200 billion US dollars.

Athletes – is the person who pays them. Amir is the boss of Messi and Mbappe through his franchise to the French soccer team Paris Saint-Germain.

Mbappe received two consolation goals from Amir. touch it again. Macron looked at the two longingly. Then the annoyance started again.

Perhaps Macron’s stupidity serves something greater. Every politician on earth should listen to brief remarks accordingly so that they can save their constituents from the national embarrassment in which France is today.

Treat yourself like your boss treats you, because there are millions of them.

– You admire the team. You are not in it.

– Don’t go on the grass/snow/hardwood unless invited by someone who is still sweating.

– introduce yourself. You may think you are famous. You are not with these people.

Don’t hug someone unless you hug them first.

Put it under the neck. It’s a stadium, not Portillo.

Best case scenario: stay home and watch the game on TV. It’s hard to kiss someone who doesn’t already know what you look like when you’re working out.


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