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Lily Collins returns to Emily In Paris with more French, fashion, and girly friendships

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NEW YORK — At the end of its second season in December 2021, fans of Emily In Paris, Netflix’s most-watched new comedy show in its prime of 2020, split into two camps: Team Gabriel and Team Alfie.

They were the rival love interests of heroine Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), an American marketing executive who has been transferred from Chicago to Paris, where she finds herself charmed and charmed by the locals.

In Season 3, which begins on Wednesday, Emily is at a professional and romantic crossroads, forced to choose between her American boss Madeline (Kate Walsh) and fellow Frenchwoman Sylvie (Philipina Leroy Beaulieu).

His love life becomes more complicated as a new adventure rises for Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) though his feelings for his neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) – reunited with his girlfriend and friend Camille (Camil Razat) – are always running deep.

During the New York screening of the new season of the show — which is nominated for best comedy series at the Emmys in 2021 — Collins teased “a lot of twists and turns.”

Her character has promised to “choose a path,” but that doesn’t mean things will go smoothly.

“Emily has to focus on one thing at a time now, and I admire that she finally makes decisions.

“The second you choose a path, everything works out,” says the 33-year-old.

“There are a lot of love triangles. There are a lot of options this season,” adds the British-American actress who is married to American director and screenwriter Charlie MacDowell, 39.

And after Emily makes crucial decisions, “it really becomes a bit of a rollercoaster – up and down and then the final episode happens and the whole thing hits the fan”.

In the end, Collins says, “You think you know what’s going to happen, and then everything changes.”

On the plus side, Emily continues to mature and grow – especially compared to season one, which was criticized for the character’s ignorance of the French language and culture, and for rehashing old cliches and stereotypes about France.

“She’s so confident this season in a way that I don’t think she ever allowed herself to be in seasons one and two,” Collins said.

“And she’s a little bit more French. She learns the language more and is rooted in her environment.”

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