Home sport shouts Conor McGregor at the “amazing” Zion Clarke, who swears his first MMA win is just the beginning

shouts Conor McGregor at the “amazing” Zion Clarke, who swears his first MMA win is just the beginning

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Zion Clark has a new fan, Conor McGregor.

The former UFC Division 2 champion paid tribute to Clark, a legless wrestler, after winning his debut in MMA last Saturday.

Commenting on a video of Clark’s first fight, McGregor hailed Clark as a uniquely strategic competitor and praised the 25-year-old from Columbus, Ohio.

“Really cool to hear what this guy is like and see him now,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “Light input is low. Wonderful! You should not contact him in any way. Tires only. frame to win. Fascinating! Congratulations and all due respect to this guy Zion Clark! Mma is the best sport!

“He can’t hit because he’s a ground opponent,” McGregor continued. The only way to stop it is to evolve [knockout] The picks ended amid a struggle over transfers. Very few on the planet possess this skill. And me [three-quarter] way down to punch no force. Watch opponents try before shooting. Wild! »

Clark faced Eugene Murray, an 0-4 mixed martial arts fighter, in a gladiator challenge held on tribal lands outside of San Diego, where the fight was not under the jurisdiction of California. State Sports Committee. He won the fight via unanimous decision after three rounds. Murray fell to 0-5.

Born without legs due to a rare congenital condition, Clark wrestled at Kent State University and held two Guinness World Records for the fastest person to walk on his hands. He was the subject of a Netflix documentary Zion, which chronicles his rise from childhood through the foster care system.

He thanked Clark McGregor for his support on Twitter.

He wrote: “I appreciate the love and respect from @TheNotoriousMMA.” “This is just the beginning for me, I’m excited to see how far I can go in a sparring match! You proved the wrestling skeptics wrong by becoming an All American and D1 wrestler. All respect.”

McGregor recovers from a broken leg at UFC 264 Triple Action against Dustin Poirier. The former Division Two champion was briefly confined to a wheelchair as he underwent surgery to repair a broken tibia and fibula, and is still undergoing intensive physiotherapy to rehabilitate his injury. The time of his return is unknown.

“Absolutely legendary! McGregor tweeted at Clarke.

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