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WORLD FRANCE – ARGENTINA | 24 million viewers on TF1 “Historic Audience Record” | The international press is celebrating the amazing Messi and the amazing Mbappe

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newsletter ➡ Messi’s “amazing” genius and Mbappe’s “phenomenon”. | The day after Argentina won the World Cup, international press with one voicebreathtaking “genius Messi And his whole performance Maradona “Until the end of the game” anthologyWithout forgetting to console the other star in this final. epic” : the ” phenomenon » Mbappe.



Lionel Messi “She raised her flag atop Everest,” the British daily salutes Tea times. His Albiceleste team won their third world title on Sunday against France (3-3, 4 tabs to 2). By scoring two goals, he mentored the Argentine team, “now among the greatest of sports”. ” Eternal glory to Chaosi”, headlines Argentine sports newspaper Olé, reflecting public sentiment in Argentina. Everyone was waiting for the famous number 10 to be crowned, who would join Diego Maradona in the pantheon of the football gods. Like many other international press headlines, Gazzetta dello Sport convinced that Messi Hyphen with MaradonaBecause “Messi is a genius in an ordinary body, or rather in a body that does not have anything athletic in it.” But “in football, this physical fitness can be sufficient if you have the head of an artist and the feet of God,” the Italian newspaper adds, under a picture To Messi who beams with joy.”Like Diego Maradona in his time, the star of stadiums lived up to his reputation on Sunday, more than ever the pride of an entire people,” the French daily salutes. Le Figaroin praise The amazing MessiAt 35, Messi “He led Argentina to the top with a +Maradoni+ performance,” Spanish sports newspaper Marca replete. ” Ten up to gloryAfter “a life of frustration and mutual lack of understanding between him and his country, two farewells from the national team,” the Spanish title confirms El Pais. Even in Brazil, the great competitor of the albiceleste, we conjured it mathematically The victory of the Argentine “brothers”. Messi’s coronation The best “that” deeply deserved to raise the trophyAccording to The Daily Oh Globo. for the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, “Lionel Messi creates an eternal feat” by winning his “first world champion title in a white and blue cathedral”. Messi is finally a world champion: “A major event in the history of the game brings this absolute artist closer to immortality,” he congratulates French daily sports newspaper L’Equipewho laments that Messi did not “choose another day”.



On the front page of the French newspaper Release Equally greeting legends » Messi And the Mbappesplitting his front page evenly among the Doha contenders but his teammates Paris Saint-Germain. No surprise the team He dwells on talking about “the three goals in the final scored by the amazing Kylian Mbappe, who carried his courage” and from whom he did not smile to present the Golden Boot to the best scorer of the event (8 goals). Gazzetta dello Sport Greetings too Mbappe is a phenomenon like no otherWhile the Süddeutsche Zeitung praises the Frenchman and his “individual performance is in the football history books”. Congratulations “The Frenchman achieves a hat-trick and equalizes twice in a losing game” in advance. El Pais. However, “Kylian Mbappe’s quest to be the best has just been delayed,” he seems to lament New York times. ” What a final! »excited Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, talks about an “evening of madness” for the two teams who went through “heaven and hell”. “Unforgettable final”, “delirium”, “euphoria”, “best final ever”, exclaiming the Argentine press, as well as the enthusiastic French press of this “final match in the apotheosis”, an “unreal suspense match”. Or “completely crazy,” according to Le Monde. “One of those heroic matches that crosses time,” he asserts the teambut also “one of those stabs that go through the heart”.



the number ➡ 24.09 million people on TF1 | 2022 World Cup Final From football Sunday won Shoot the net by Argentina in front of France he was watching it 24.09 million people on TF1which constitutes a Audience record For French television, the channel announced on Monday. This record is set All programs and channels combinedshe pointed out TF1citing figures from measurement.



The previous record goes back to 2006 World Cup semi-final between Portugal and FranceWith 22.2 million viewers employment TF1, depending on the series. In addition to TF1, which broadcasts it for free, Sunday’s final won Argentina (3-3, 4 tab à 2) was also broadcast on France for a fee be into sports. On TF1, this last broadcast between 4:00pm and 7:00pm won an audience share of 81%. This means that more than 8 out of 10 viewers watching TV at the time were watching TF1. Viewership peaked at 29.4 million viewers, according to the channel. Since the beginning of the competition in QatarTF1 restricted audience performances, despite calls for a boycott. Blues victory against Morocco (2-0) in the semi-finals have brought them together 20.69 million viewers. The previous match in the quarter-finals against England (2-1 win), followed 17.7 million viewers.

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