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December series sales

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TeamTO announced new partnerships for the animated comedy series Jade shield (26″ x 22″) with Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia’s leading children’s programming platform, and Canada RadioCanada’s largest national radio station in French. The series was launched in Australia on November 28 and in French-speaking Canada on November 22.

Jade shield An original superhero series starring a teen with a passion for martial arts, it debuted this fall on broadcast partners France Télévisions in France – where it quickly became one of the channel’s top 10 shows – followed by Super RTL in Germany. The show has also been acquired by Cartoon Network and HBO Max (US, L, EMEA), with an EMEA launch in early 2023.

Tobu Jeju

Benjay’s children and family Appointed global distributor of audiovisual, digital, publishing, licensing and marketing materials for the Classic Kids brand for bo Jeju. BFK will be working with major game licensee Giochi Preziosi and has appointed Elena Picco of Ladybug Entertainment as a consultant to expand the business into Italy.

Originally created by Italian puppeteer Maria Perego in 1959, Tobu Jeju It was recently reimagined as an animated preschool comedy series and co-produced Produce movements (BFK Corporation) f Topo Gigio Srl A second season is currently streaming on Rai Yoyo and RaiPlay. The 2D animated adventure follows the daily adventures of Topo Gigio, the first mouse to live among humans, as he strives to solve all the problems in Townville, both with humans and animals. friends.


entertainmentThe content distribution division of Toonz Media Group, the global Irish children’s entertainment and entertainment business, has entered into a strategic agreement with Sky UK Limited For preschoolers and CGI animated TV series zoonotic – Season 1 rights coverage (52″ x 7″) for Free TV, Basic TV, Pay TV and SVOD in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands – Normandy, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and overseas bases of British forces.

Sky has acquired the rights to the series for a period of three years from February 2023, which airs on the new linear Sky Kids channel and is available on demand. The series follows a group of magical creatures that live in the dreams of baby animals, guiding them through fun dream adventures to boost their confidence and decision-making skills before they even wake up.

Dinosaur city
Dinosaur city

Beijing Joy Culture Media (China) acquired the selling rights Reiki groupanimated series Dinosaur city and the Birdie Bodo, with the aim of finishing adapting the content into Chinese for display on major TV channels and platforms in the region in the near future. JCM is a Beijing-based children’s entertainment and animation production, operation and marketing company, which has cooperated with more than 40 animation companies worldwide and exclusively licenses more than 120 IPs in China.

Birdie Bodo
Birdie Bodo

Dinosaur city This is an original 2D preschool series about a family of dinosaurs living in an ideal urban environment. The show was a successful debut on DeA Junior (Italy) and Tiny Pop (UK), Piwi + (Canal + Group, France), YLE (Finland), ERT (Greece), Ketnet (Flemish Belgium), MBC (MENA), Minart (Balkans), Discovery Italia’d Frisbee, All Media Latvia (Baltics), TG4 (Ireland) and Minika (Turkey).

Birdie Bodo It is a charming animated comedy that follows the main character who does not speak foreign languages ​​and cannot distinguish between Australia and the North Pole, as he acts as a travel guide for children to various places of interest and teaches viewers the geography, culture and history of different countries and important tips on what to do while traveling. The series was in official competition at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and won first prize at the Chinh Indian Children’s Film Festival.

Dennis the Menace and Gnasher
Dennis the Menace and Gnasher

Distribution of jet packs It announced a slew of deals with networks across Asia for 269 half hours of quality programming from its burgeoning content library. Animation shows include:

  • Discovery Warner Brothers Bought the broadcast rights Mikamato (Season 1) on Cartoon Network Dennis the Menace and Gnasher (seasons 1 and 2) on Cartoon Network and POGO in South Asia
  • The Walt Disney Company (Japan) He took over the rights to Paper Owl’s Ladybug and bee (Season 1).
  • GRT Children’s Channel He got the rights accidental For China and Hong Kong.
  • An educational and entertainment channel for children Da Vinci He took over the rights Critter TV and the Yoko (Seasons 1-3) for Asia, India and the Middle East.
  • Astro In Malaysia bought the rights spokie movie and the scary (Seasons 1-3) for Malaysia and Brunei.
  • Spice ETV Kids channels In India, rights have been renewed Sisters (Season 1).
Harry and Bonnie
Harry and Bonnie

… Beside that:

  • Animasia Studio authorized Harry and Bonnie and the Chuck chicken MBC educational and entertainment channel for children MBC3 (Middle East and North Africa) – 130 combined episodes broadcast in 2023.
  • Leo and Tig The second season was released on The Lion and the Crown of Italy YouTube channel. S1 and 2 are also available to stream daily on Rai Yoyo and on demand via RaiPlay in Italy. The series is produced by Paravoz.
  • Bing stories for pets to acamar movies I did that too Ray Yoyo Debuts this month, based on the success of bing On Rai Play since its launch in 2018.
  • The adorable bunny has also been a huge hit on YouTube in Poland, where bing Her official Polish channel has reached 1 million subscribers. The series is also broadcast on MiniMini+ and PulsKids in Poland.
  • Paramount + Its global presence increased in December, as the streaming service became available in France, followed by Germany, Switzerland and Austria, bringing its total markets to 45.
Chuck chicken
Chuck chicken

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