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Dolly Parton’s new children’s book is about a French bulldog who dreams big

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Dolly Parton is back. This time, she has released a children’s book about her deity.

Young readers will discover Billy the Kid, a French bulldog hoping to become a country music star in Nashville, Tennessee, according to Penguin’s Random House.

“I am very proud to bring this book to life and the message it conveys,” said Barton, 76. people in the current situation. Years ago, I wrote the song “McCain’s Fun Ain’t Funny” for my children’s album I Believe In You. I wanted kids to understand how bullying can be harmful to someone. »

She said Bailey was the face of her favorite product to be launched earlier this year, as reported by Deseret News.

She added, “Since he’s such a huge star now, I knew having a story with him at the center could help communicate important messages in a unique way.” I hope this is the first of many books with Billy. »

In the picture book written by Barton and Erica S. Pearl and drawn by Mackenzie Haley, Billy enjoys cooking to the tune of country music. But he encounters bullies on his journey to become a star singer.

“He’ll need his favorite song (“Jowlene” and “I Will Pawlways Love You, Of Course”), a bunch of new friends and his favorite country music star to get his confidence back and be the star he always knew he could be,” according to the publisher’s website.

The book is intended for ages 4 to 7, and is available for pre-order.

According to People, this is Barton’s third children’s book. “Coat of Many Colors” was released in 1994 and “I’m a Rainbow” in 2009. Meanwhile, Axios Elle reports that Ohio’s free book program Country Star has reached more than 360,000 subscriptions.

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