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Beware of “environmental perverts”

The young CEO, thanks to a lucky meeting, enters into a partnership with Leroy Merlin that marks the young company in its 127 stores. A happy meeting takes place when Edouard Barthes wins the competition for young entrepreneurs organized by Bpifrance and Paris CCI, whose jury includes a member of the Executive Board of Leroy Merlin. Six months later, the per capita job offer was launched for Castres, backed by the DIY giant that offers its customers service of insulation work in their homes, signed by EBS. Thus, as of 2016, the small photography operation has undertaken no fewer than 70,000 projects in three years. But the market has such strong potential that it sees the arrival of “eco-delinquents,” these companies created hastily to seize a profitable opportunity, often without knowledge of the trade. Because of this, the state is tightening its mechanisms and making them more sophisticated in order to avoid fraud. In response to this problem, Edouard Barthes in 2018 created a consortium, Symbiote, or multi-branched consortium of industries and energy transition operators, with Eric Bisson, former energy minister, Bernard Borigaud, founder of Atos and Fabio Rinaldi, chairman of BigMat. We created this union because it became necessary to restructure the market. We needed a movement that unites the profession to be able to interact with public authorities among serious players in the sector and that’s the role of Symbiote”, explains the CEO of EBS. The syndicate’s mission is to balance out “rogue” companies, and to help serious companies survive.

In 2019, a ministerial decree was issued giving companies the right to manage financing on behalf of energy suppliers. Then Edward Barthes submits a request to delegate it through another structure. So he created EBS Énergie, a newcomer that is preparing to achieve at least 200 million euros in turnover at the end of 2022. This company manages on behalf of energy suppliers the return of financial aid to energy renewal companies. This new company has the role of financier, controller and executor. It joins the EBS Group, which forms four companies: EBS Énergie, the delegate; EBS Isolation, the implementation structure of 13 agencies across France with a turnover of 55 million euros and monitoring from A to Z; The 32-year-old CEO explains EBS Mobility, its electric scooters and finally Sungen, which offers university institutions and individuals solutions for self-consumption of photovoltaic energy. The latter company offers a turnkey process that ensures that its customers benefit from a permanent tariff shield thanks to its financing solutions, in fact: “Not everyone has the ability or the financing to make the investments in order to put the panels on their roof. »

A new carbon-neutral solution

The EBS Group works with a range of energy, electricity and fuel suppliers. These suppliers have obligations to finance the provision of energy, whether in housing, insulation, heating, third-class buildings, or even transportation. As they commercialize fossil fuels, they need to take a decarbonization approach. For Edward Barthes, the missing link has been found in mobility. So the young founder set out to find an electrical transmission solution for distribution. “The car was already a monopolized market, as were bikes and scooters. I wanted to find a mode of transportation, but we weren’t sure which foot to dance on. And while he’s simply having a drink on the balcony with his sales manager, someone arrives on an electric scooter. The idea pleases Edward. , who returns to the world of industry and decides to launch himself. He develops a new brand that he calls Tym, with the aim of democratizing electric mobility. How? For only 2 euros a day. The idea responds to the need in regions with low CO2 emissions by 2025 In large city centres, banning heat travel is a real challenge at the national and even European level. “All major cities will have to cross,” explains Edward Partis.

The advantage of a Tym scooter is that, for the price of a coffee or a metro ticket, everyone can get a clean, environmentally friendly and economical vehicle. The range comes in three trims, S, M and L, with two power ratings: 50 cc and 125 cc so the car is very affordable. In three clicks, the user can choose his scooter, color and financing. Simple steps aimed at balancing long-term lease with option-to-buy lease. For 60 euros a month, insurance included, anyone can get their own way of moving between 80 and 100 kilometers of autonomy. “It was a simple and effective solution to meet a contemporary need. Yego and Cityscoot respond well to cycle sharing needs in urban areas and our solutions are complementary, not in competition. The user first gets used to carbon-neutral mobility by renting self-service scooters and, if they like it, can Tym is the perfect alternative, explains the group’s founder.

Energy saving within everyone’s reach

For Edward Barthes, the DNA of the EBS Group is to be an “energy saving maker”. Whoever says energy saving often refers to mobility. The launch of the Tym scooter comes at the right time in a period focused on transition. Quite a logical strategy for a young entrepreneur from the southwest, as it is complementary to the leadership of the group. A group that, with the establishment of its newest subsidiary, forms a cohesive whole incorporated into sustainable social responsibility. “I want to make this scooter available for two reasons: it is a reliable and economically viable means of transportation, because for 60 euros a month you can travel up to 100 kilometers a day. It should benefit as many people as possible from it. In terms of value for money, and far from Environmental aspect, the solution offered by Tym is phenomenal. The batteries are guaranteed for two years after the signed maintenance Feu Vert, of which Tym’ is a partner. Where there is no

From Feu Vert stores, as in Corsica or Paris, local partners take over. Some companies are even specializing in electric vehicles, in response to the new challenges of mobility.

EBS Group is four companies, 350 employees, and a turnover of 200 million euros. Its capital is 85% owned by Edward Barthes, and the remaining 15% is owned by employees. A strategy that forms part of a goal for the young CEO: uniting teams. His mentor, Bernard Borigod, who owns 5%, supports him on all strategic issues and on issues of positioning the group. “The EBS Group is completely self-financed. It is a real source of pride, because it is this independence that allows us to achieve goals that are only in line with our values ​​and the common good,” concludes Edward Bartis.


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