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Nation Literie, a player committed to the local and circular economy

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French consumers no longer hesitate to assert their requirements. Thus, 90% of them find Made in France an important topic. According to the OpinionWay survey, 64% of them have also declared that they have increased their purchases of French products since the beginning of the health crisis, while 92% now prefer to buy from a French geographical origin. Quality, ethics, commitment… There are many reasons for this desire for local products. And the Nation Furniture I got it! this is Bedding specialistwhich applies ancestral knowledge procuring with a strong sense of innovation, is committed on a daily basis Promote the local and circular economy.

Nation Literie, a family success story

Before he became the main player, Nation Furniture It is above all a family story that begins in 1946 in a small village in Picardy. Morris Gamblin, the saddle-upholsterer (and incidentally manufacturer of horse harnesses) was introduced to the profession of upholstery. His son, also named Maurice Gamblin, would be trained by observing the selection and working with noble materials, particularly woods from the region, such as beech, oak or poplar, and also materials such as wool and linen.

During the 1980s, he met the young Emmanuelle Merveglio de Vigno, whom he married and with whom he established the family business. National literature workshops They were then born in Aisne and quickly moved from 600 square meters to 7,000 square metres. The couple is joined in the adventure by their children who instilled their deep values, which are demand, rigor, perfection and innovation, making The reputation of the Nation Literie whose customer reviews confirm great professionalism.

The Art of Sleeping Well According to Nation Literie

For more than 75 years, Nation Literie strives to design high quality bedding products. The products have been thought out and designed using noble, high-performance materials as well as the meticulous know-how of a team of tailors, cabinet-makers, mattress makers, machinists, carpenters and even upholsterers.

These experts prepare a large catalog of mattresses, box springs and beds to meet the expectations of the largest number. They use noble materials for this, such as hard wood, lamb’s wool, silk or even natural latex.

Even after several decades of existence, Nation Literie remains true to its values ​​and strives to be a committed player. It is also for this reason that its workshops are still located in Aisne (one at Coincy l’Abaye for the manufacture of beds and box springs, the other in Fère en Tardenois for the manufacture of mattresses). Because you should know that one of Nation Literie’s priorities is to boost the local economy and the short-circuit economy as much as possible.

To achieve its goals, the family business has chosen to use local wood species from local players, such as linen from Hauts-de-France or stains and varnishes from the Paris region. It has also set up “from producer to consumer” operation by fully controlling its circuit (advice, sale, delivery, after-sales service).

Eli Gamblin, CEO, Nation Literie, quickly displayed its ambition to design a 100% domestic mattress. And it’s over.

Nation Literie’s G901, Hauts-de-France’s first 100% bed

This past June, Nation Literie introduced its latest model, the G901 (“G” for Gauthier de Coincy, a monk from the company’s nearby monastery, and “901” as a reference to the number of bed base models designed by Bedding Nation).

“For this model, called G901, we use poplar and oak from Tardenois, wool from Noyales, or even linen woven in Godewaersvelde, in the north. Thus, we guarantee the traceability and recyclability of our products, which is very rare in furniture, ”explains Elle Gamblin.

This product is entirely locally made They are also very easily recyclable, which perfectly reflects the company’s environmental awareness, and is fully in their DNA.

A company with traditional expertise and focus on innovation

since it started, Nation Literie customer reviews highlight its professionalismAnd the quality of its products and also the spirit of innovation. Eli Gamblin is no exception to the family rule and champions this innovative ethos as the “personalization of sleeping arrangements through body imprinting” that his teams have worked on for more than ten years. Morris bed and mattress “It is not at all the same technology used for memory foam mattresses, but rather the summation of a unit that allows to create comfort, thanks to the assembly of different layers of materials, fully customizable and scalable according to the wishes of customers who can keep this mattress for life “, explains the manager.

Unique concept store

Because advice is at the heart of priorities Nation FurnitureThe company has put its sense of innovation at the service of a unique concept store featuring an art gallery space where tea or coffee can be had. Upstairs, the visitor is immersed in a quiet and intimate setting.

for Eli GamblinThis concept store, “top of the range, completely detached from traditional spaces, in its codes and in lived experience,” aims to sell bedding differently. This “custom” design is made according to the customer’s habits, morphology and tastes. Then the model is manufactured in National literature workshops.


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