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Sevuzil, Czech Republic shocks Canada

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First day games

Czech Republic 5, Canada 2 – Jaroslav Schmylar (New York Rangers) and Matos Mencic (2023 scoring eligible) scored twice on power play 33 seconds into the second period to split play in the Group 1 game at the Scotiabank Center.

It was the Czech Republic’s second victory over Canada, and first in regulation, in 24 matches at the Junior World Championships, including a 5-4 penalty shootout win at the 2014 tournament.

David Spacek (Wild Minnesota) F.C Stanislav Svozel (Columbus Blue Jackets) Each had a goal and an assist for the Czech Republic. Thomas Suchunk (record eligible in 2023) had 36 tackles and 1 assist.

“It’s unrealistic,” said Svozel. “It was only the first game of the tournament, and we knew we had to win two games to qualify. [for the playoffs], so that’s cool. When we scored that fifth goal and they had only scored two, we felt like we were in control of the game. »

Shane Wright (Seattle Kraken) and Conor Bedard, the #1 projected pick in the 2023 NHL Upper Deck Draft, score for Canada. Benjamin Goudreau (San Jose Sharks) He allowed five goals on 16 shots before being replaced in the second half by Tomas Milic (2023 draft eligible), who made 11 saves.

It is the first time that Canada has lost its first match at the World Junior Championships since losing 6-4 to the United States in 2016.

Canada striker: They tired us out Brennan Osman He said (New York Rangers). “You can’t take any team seriously. They played a good game, so we give them credit. It’s a learning curve. They say you win or you learn, and tonight was learning.”

“Obviously there’s a lot of hype around our team, but at the same time you want to win, especially with this amazing crowd. Now we have to recover in a few days. It doesn’t hurt to have a game like this. Every team does. It’s good for us and a few out of humility.”

Canada closed to 3-2 on a goal by Bédard at 1:29 of the second period, but forward Zak Dean (Vegas Golden Knights) Was assessed five minutes and fouled in the game for an illegal header at 4:21.

On the ensuing power play, Chmylar tossed the ball into the crease to make it 4-2 at 8:14, then Mencic skated to the left side and found space between Goudreaux’s blocker and the post to make it 5-2 at 8:47. .

Tweet from @IIHFHockey: WATCH UPSET ????! #MondialJuniors #CANCZE pic.twitter.com/KGn0tbrk5G

Wright scored on the power play to give Canada a 1-0 lead at 10:33 of the first period.

Spacek fell and scored a tailgate on a pass from Sefuzil to tie the score at 1-1 at 17:48, then David Moravec, who plays for Halifax of the Quebec Junior Hockey League, put the Czechs ahead 2-1 at 18:23.

Szovil made it 3-1 with a wrist shot from the left face-off circle 44 seconds into the game.

The Czechs next face Austria (6:30 p.m. ET). Canada faces Germany on Wednesday (6:30 PM ET).

USA 5, Latvia 2 – Sean Burns (Colorado Avalanche) and Redmond Savage (Detroit Red Wings) Each had a goal and an assist in their Group B match at the Avenir Center.

Jimmy Singerwood (St. Louis Blues), Chazz Lucius (Winnipeg Jets) and Luke Hughes (New Jersey Devils) Each scored and Trey Augustine (2023 draft eligible) made 15 saves.

Record Anriy Ravensky (2023 draft qualified) and Nicks Finenko (2023 draft qualified) Latvia. Patrick Berzins (record qualifier in 2023) made 41 saves.

The USA opened the game with three goals in the third period.

“We just settled into game three and just kind of played with a little bit more personality,” said USA coach Rand Pecknold. “I thought in the first two runs we were nervous and made some mistakes that ended up on the grid. But we had a lot of chances, so we just talked about letting our character take third place.

Lucius skated the holes and hit Berzins with a backhand to make it 3-2 at 1:57.

Tweet from @TSN_Sports: Chazz Lucious’ backhand gives USA a 3-2 lead ???? #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/evhx9giewE

Savage made it 4-2 at 6:48 when he scored on the rebound off a shot from Dylan Duke (Tampa Bay Lightning).

Hughes, the USA captain, scored from the point to make it 5-2 at 13:29.

Snuggerud gave the USA a 1-0 lead 24 seconds into the second period when he fell for the puck in the slot.

Ravinsky tied the game at 4:59, finished on a penalty kick with the Rainers Rollers (2023 draft eligible).

Burns gave the USA a 2-1 lead at 9:17 on a point-to-point pass by Savage.

Latvia tied the match with a goal from Finenko at 14:24, via a screen.

“We’re not proud that we lost, but we gave them a good fight,” said Ravinsky. “So it was a good match. We made some mistakes, especially since the third half was not the best. But we will stay on top and prepare for the next match.”

Latvia next plays Switzerland on Tuesday (4 p.m. ET). The United States takes on Slovakia on Wednesday (4 p.m. ET).

Switzerland 3, Finland 2 (overtime) – Attilio Biasca (qualified for the 2023 edition) scored 41 seconds into extra time for Switzerland in their Group B match at Center Avenir.

Leanne Pechel The Dallas Stars pulled the puck out of circulation in the right corner of the Finland area and passed it to Piakka, who scored from the right circle.

Tweet from @TSN_Sports: ATTILIO BIASCA WINS IT FOR @SwissIceHockey IN OT ???? #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/uYvZ83ZVN0

“Two men were fighting in the corner,” said Piasca. “I was staying a little high and then Bichsel made a good play for me. And I tried to pull it off and it worked.”

Lorenzo Canonica (2023 draft-eligible) and Jeremy Gabola (2023 draft-eligible) also scored for Switzerland. Kevin Bash (2023 sign-on eligible) 14 tackles.

Callie Visan (New York Rangers) Scored a goal and an assist for Finland scored by Konsta Kapanen (2023 draft eligible). Ako Koskinfo (Vancouver Canucks) made 24 saves.

“I thought we were playing with the fear of winning,” said the Finnish striker. Brad Lambert (Winnipeg Jets) said. We didn’t attack enough. We haven’t won enough one-on-one battles. We didn’t have enough pucks. We didn’t play fast enough. It cost us. »

Kapanen gave Finland a 1-0 lead at 2:24 of the second half when he scored a rebound from Vyzanin’s shot before Kanonika equalized at 12:54 with a shot from the hole.

Jabula gave Switzerland a 2-1 lead at 4:43 of the third period when he pushed a space puck into the slot.

Vaissanen tied the game at 8:09 when he took the puck from the wall, cut the hole, and beat Bashi.

Each team plays Tuesday, Finland v Slovakia (11 a.m.), Switzerland v Latvia (4 p.m. ET).

Sweden 11, Austria 0 – Sweden scored six goals in the second half of their Group A match at the Scotiabank Centre.

Isaac Rosen (Buffalo Sabers) and Philip Pestedt (San Jose Sharks) each had two goals and one assist, and Fabian Wagner (Winnipeg Jets) Scored a goal and assisted 2. Carl Lindbom (Vegas Golden Knights) Scored 13 goals and provided an assist.

“We tried to pay attention to the little things and not play with the attitude that things will be easy for us and play the game like any other game,” Bistedt said. “We have a lot of skilled players and attacking players. We also have a good mix with our defensive game. I think we can attack, score goals and go far in the tournament.”

Thomas Farmeyer (2023 draft eligible) allowed six goals on 23 shots before being replaced in the second half by Benedict O’Shegan (2023 draft eligible), who made 17 saves on 22 shots.

“I think our goal in this tournament was not to watch the results, but just to compete every night,” said Austrian striker Ian Scherzer (eligible for 2023). “We don’t have a specific goal but we try our best and see what happens. But today we saw a lot of failures and they gave us a lot of chances to score. We made it easy for them.”

Rosen opened the scoring at 13:17 of the first period, and Bystedt made it 2-0 at 17:49 when he scored on Rosen’s rebound.

Sweden started the second period with a goal by Rosen 48 seconds into the first period, making the score 3-0.

Simon Robertson (St. Louis Blues), Jonathan Lecrimaki (Vancouver Canucks), Liam Ogren (Wild Minnesota), Callie Odelius (New York Islanders) and Milton Oscarson (eligible to score in 2023), who had a short run, also scored on second down.

Wagner scored on a 2-1 run to make it 9-0 at 2:45 of the third period, Bystedt scored a Power Play goal at 4:06 and Oscar Peterson (Ottawa Senators) Registration closes at 1:50 PM.

Each team plays Tuesday, Sweden v. Germany (1:30 p.m. ET), Austria vs. the Czech Republic (6:30 p.m. ET).

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