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LG unveils its new flat camera module for smartphones at CES

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LG is on Unveiled a new camera module at CES It can remove the “bump” from your smartphone.

G Innotek, an LG subsidiary that makes electronic components, said on Tuesday that the new, tiny component combines the optical zoom capabilities of DSLR cameras with a slimmer design.

Optical zoom smartphone cameras It’s not new. What makes LG’s upcoming offering different is that it lets you zoom between 4x and 9x without reverting to digital zoom to zoom in between, like current fixed-zoom smartphone cameras do.

Digital zooms use software rather than a lens to magnify images, which can significantly reduce image quality.

LG said combining multiple optical zoom options in a single unit will also help free up space inside smartphones and increase battery efficiency.

Meanwhile, LG said it has reduced the thickness of the module to remove the camera bump on the back of smartphones with optical zoom cameras with greater magnification.

The company added that it was working with Qualcomm to jointly improve the unit’s software and bring it to market.

THESEwhich takes over the Las Vegas Strip every January, is the tech industry’s biggest in-person event.

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