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Try a Parisian-French Picnic at Diner en Blanc West Palm Beach – WSVN 7News

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(WSVN) — If you need a little Instagram boost, check out Diner en Blanc. Means dine in white.

Elegance you must bring Many people celebrate white more than their IG deserves.

Uh uh uh. What is life without adventure?

Diner en Blanc West Palm Beach offers just that.

Faby Reed: “What makes the event so unique is the fact that you don’t know where you’re going.

The exclusive, all-white event is for foodies who don’t mind al fresco dining.

Faby Reed: A Parisian French Picnic. When people hear picnic they think: what is it? Do I have to bring all my things? Yes, like going for a walk in a park or on the beach. »

Guests should be as creative as possible when decorating their tables. From simple to exaggerated, you can do it all.

Faby Reid: “Some are very simple, candles, some are flowers, and others will build an entire Eiffel Tower on their table.”

The most important thing of all, what to wear.

Maritza Boudoir Guerrier: “When people go out, they want to look their best so they can show it on social media. It’s never enough, whether you have the confidence to do it or not.”

So what’s the right or wrong way to wear white? There seem to be rules.

Maritza Boudoir Guerrere: “It turned out to be a little champagne, and we didn’t let him in. And you know that with white, you have this difference, white, off-white, pure white.”

Since it’s sunny in South Florida, showing some skin is totally fine.

Maritza Boudoir-Gehry: “To show it, we wore it in a short dress. The puffed sleeves create an extra punch.” »

And for men.

Maritza Boudoir Guerrier: “The first look he got was at Natural Cotton. He was wearing a linen shirt because it’s South Florida. He wore a white jacket with gold buttons for a touch of color. Because with Diner en Blanc, you can accessorize with silver or gold.”

This year’s theme is “Bling in the New Year”.

Maritza Boudoir Guerre: “So, go ahead. All the charm you have. It’s the only time you can wear everything in your closet and you won’t be judged.”

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Apparel courtesy of www.monboudoirhouse.com


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