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Apple Watch can accurately predict stress levels, study finds

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Apple Watch can accurately predict stress levels, According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada (trans MyHealthyApple).

Using the Apple Watch Series 6 ECG sensor, researchers found that there was a strong correlation between ECG data, including heart rate and deceleration ability, and stress levels reported by exercise participants. when the measurements were taken. Machine learning algorithms were then developed using this information to create a prediction model.

Compression models are said to have a “high level of precision”, but lower recall. The study concludes that the Apple Watch has “promising” potential for predicting stress and suggests that as the device collects additional health information such as sleep and activity information, more Data points could be incorporated into stress models to increase their predictive accuracy.

Researchers speculate that the Apple Watch could be used to help promote mental health, providing activities such as breathing exercises to offset stress cues and to respond quickly to changes in mental health. Competing devices from Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin have offered a stress score feature for some time, but Apple has yet to implement this feature in its Health app.

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