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In 2023, the hurricane, which predicts an ancient game, will travel to France

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The Miami Hurricanes basketball program plans to hold an alumni game in July 2023, its first Jim LarrañagaAuthorization

“Next summer, we plan to hold an alumni match in the third week of July,” Larrañaga announced Tuesday. “We’ll play the alumni game and all these great players will be back. I hope it’s open to the public, but we’re planning now. One of the organizers Carius Adams With the Sacramento Kings. He and his entire team, plus Durant Scott, Ryan Brown And all these guys come up with a plan to organize an alumni match.

Adams, who played in Miami from 2009 to 2014, is currently in his second season as an assistant video coordinator with the Kings after stints with the Hornets and Lakers.

There are currently three former Hurricanes in the NBA Daphne Reid (denver) Bruce Brown (Denver) f Looney Walker IV (Los Angeles Lakers) with 22 alumni playing professionally overseas, including former Miami star Shane Larkins (Anadolu Efes SK, Turkey).

In addition to planning to host an alumni match next summer, Larnaca has announced that the 2023-24 Hurricanes will travel to France in August as part of a 10-day pre-season tour.

Teams are allowed to participate in the European Tour every four years. This is the hurricane’s third trip, having visited Italy in 2019 and Spain in 2014.

The plan is to play two games in Paris with matches in Normandy, Nice and Monte Carlo. The final match schedule will be published at a later date.

“It’s a great cultural experience, an educational experience and a sporting experience for some of our guys because the guys love it. Charlie Moore (Belgium) and With McCasty Larrañaga said: (Italy) play in Europe. “When you go abroad, European scouts look at you, so we look forward to that.”

The 14th-ranked Hurricanes (12-1, 3-0 ACC) on Friday (2 p.m., ACCN) return to Notre Dame for their first game since their victory over Virginia on Dec. 20.

Christopher Stock has covered the Miami Hurricanes since 2003 and can be contacted via email stock@insidetheu.com and on Twitter @employee.


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