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Singer Linda de Souza, symbol of Portuguese emigration to France, has died at the age of 74

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The artist died in a hospital in France, due to complications from Covid-19

Famous portuguese singer Linda D’Souza He passed away today (Wednesday) at the age of 74. President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza affectionately described the artist as ” Design example” And the “French symbol of Portuguese colonization“.

Linda D’Souza, of He settled in France in 1970I’ve worked in music, Died from Covid-19.

In a note posted on the official website of the Portuguese Presidency, the head of state said: “Teulinda de Souza Lanza, known technically as Linda de Souza, An outstanding personality in many ways“.

“There is still in our memory an example of determination and reliability. It was the French symbol of Portuguese colonialism, and therefore the symbol of Portugal. My sincere condolences to his son and grandchildrenMarcelo Rebelo de Souza explains.

The Chair’s message indicated that Linda de Souza was accompanied.One of the largest waves of Portuguese immigration to France occurred in the 1970s.

She came to France “already a mother” where she would become a “cool” Portuguese, given the success she had as a singer at the end of the seventies, which brought her. Gold and platinum recordings and concerts at Olympia” In Paris.

In many of the albums and songs she has recorded, Linda de Souza always refers to the country of her birth and her personal journey, which is denoted by the expression “”.Mala CardoAdd the note “(cardboard box)”.

In 1948, Linda de Souza, born in Brinjal, Alentejo, Beja, made her singing debut at Chez Lochet, a restaurant in Saint-Ouen, 6.5 kilometers north of Paris, where she was discovered by composer André Pascal. (1932-2001).

Linda de Souza became a singer in the Portuguese immigrant community. They sing of their hardships and homesickness.

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