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OPPO’s first-generation smartphone processor is set to launch in 2024

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MariSilicon X. (Source: OPPO)

OPPO has reportedly achieved its goal of developing its own application processor for mobile devices. Thus, the company could be ready to launch smartphones with this first-party chipset in the next few years. This hack will put the Android OEM on par with a handful of others like Google with Tensor silicon.

OPPO recently confirmed that its first-party chipset targets weren’t flash by revealing MariSilicon Y as the follow-up to the X.

Although these two products are respectively a dedicated audio processor and an AI-driven image signal processor, their successor may simply be a full application processor (or AP), similar to an Axx Bionic or Tensor chipset.

The OEM is rumored to have this chipset ready to power its first smartphone ready by 2024; Now the famous leak ice world They reiterated this timeline in their last post on the subject. OPPO is said to have recruited “thousands of people” for this purpose.

This report led to speculation that the supposed first-generation AP would be competitive in its market, as it would be manufactured on TSMC’s 3-nanometer (nm) node, mainly because MariSilicon X is a 6-nanometer chip from from the same source.

It may or may not incorporate the new Dimensity 5G open resource architecture from MediaTek (another TSMC chip design company), as well as ISPs and other components that might be in-house by then.

As a result, OPPO could be ready to join others like Samsung, Apple or Google within the next two years.

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