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Google starts rolling out full TV controls to the Home app

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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 1 (IANS): Tech giant Google has reportedly started rolling out comprehensive TV controls to its Google Home app.

Users of Google Assistant/Home support-enabled TVs are noticing that the Home app now offers full touch controls, reports 9To5Google.

These controls include volume up/down, undo/mute, power on/off, play/pause, channel and source list.

Previously, commands were only available on Nest Hub, but now they’re available in the Home app.

“This differs from Cast-enabled TVs or Google/Android TV, which are instead served by media controls for the new Google Home app,” the report said.

Meanwhile, last month it was reported that the tech giant was making more changes to the user interface (UI) with the acceleration of its Home app in preview tests of its major overhaul, but seemed also break existing wizard routines for some users.

The new page allows Routines to manage the different features of each device, unlike the previous page’s drop-down settings which only allowed users to adjust the on or off settings for each light or switch in their home.

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