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Capsule without capsule, a Café Royal success

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innovation | How is Café Royal changing the world of coffee capsules? With its coffee ball, this Swiss company makes an impression and so much more. Interview with Ghassan Kara, CEO of France.

Ghassan Kara: Café Royal is a Swiss coffee brand belonging to Delica, a roaster of the Migros group and a major player in the coffee market where approximately 15,000 tons of green coffee are processed each year. Café Royal has been marketed in France since 2014.

The brand has a DNA that can be defined by two words: innovation and commitment. It is indeed a brand that constantly strives to innovate to deliver better consumer experiences, while remaining respectful of the environment and the coffee-producing communities.

How did the idea of ​​a capsule without a capsule come about?

A goal keeper: This innovation and commitment are the two words that distinguish Café Royal. In this state of mind, the group has spent more than 5 years working in research and development to find a solution to the up to 100,000 tons of aluminum and plastic waste generated each year in the world due to coffee pods, without compromising the taste of the coffee. coffee. At the heart of the CoffeeB System is the “Coffee Ball,” a ball of coffee that shines in its simplicity. Made from pressed coffee, it is encased in an ultra-fine vegetable wrap, which ensures its stability, locks in its flavor and allows it to become 100% compostable. Simply drop the ball after using it into your planting or compost pot. The machine offers the perfect pressure (19 bar pressure) to reveal the aromas of the coffee and get the perfect cream. Called Globe, its Swiss design ensures durability and quality. Its modular structure makes it 74% recyclable. The Globe is energy efficient with a fast start-up time and a standby time of up to 60 seconds after the last coffee. Finally, Globe is so quiet that it allows you to make your coffee without waking up the whole house!

What are the short-term goals of this innovation?

A goal keeper: Our ambition is to revolutionize the coffee sector and become the new standard for environmentally friendly coffee consumption. For this, we combine the advantages of capsule and pill solutions without their drawbacks

What is your business model?

A goal keeper: We create a new segment with our system Kofi b, so it is difficult to make comparisons with what is currently on the market. The machine was sold for 179 euros. This price is on the higher end of the capsule machines range and lower than the pill machines. As for the coffee balls, it is sold at 3.49 euros per pack of 9 balls, i.e. 39 cents per coffee, which is in line with the price of the premium capsules on the market. All of these products are available in supermarkets as well as in specialized stores (Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Ubaldi) and on our website.

Why did you choose to do this operation?

A goal keeper: Our environment is changing and climate change is forcing us to consume differently. It is a big challenge that we must face. result of our efforts Kofi ba breakthrough innovation that makes our daily actions more virtuous without compromising on taste.

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