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How to watch Nvidia’s CES 2023 keynote (and what to expect)

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nvidia CES 2023 Keynote may be a pre-roll event, but it still generates a lot of interest, especially with every leak around the RTX 4070 Ti. It’s not yet clear if this is just a rebrand of the unlaunched RTX 4080 12GB, but it will have to contend with new cards from AMD and possibly even Intel. Nvidia is also expected to provide the first details on the mobile’s RTX 40-series graphics, so if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming PC or laptop this year, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Here’s how to watch Nvidia’s keynote at CES 2023 and what you can expect to see at the press conference.

Nvidia’s CES 2023 keynote will take place at 8:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday, January 3 and will be streamed live on Nvidia’s official YouTube and twitch channels. The streams are already there, so you can access them at your leisure.

NVIDIA’s own address at CES 2023

CEO Jensen Huang is not expected to appear. Instead, GeForce frontman Jeff Fisher will make mainstream graphics announcements, while other speakers will focus on topics like autonomous vehicles, robotics, design, and more.

Moore’s law is dead

Nvidia promises you’ll be able to recognize “the latest advancements in gaming technology, construction, and graphics” in its keynote. That doesn’t give us exact details of what will be shown, but recent leaks – even some from Nvidia itself – and some guesswork based on previous years’ announcements and developments make us feel like we’ve got quite a bit good idea of ​​what the company will be showing and talking about at CES 2023.

The product most likely to make it The RTX 4070 Ti debuts. This mid-range graphics card may be a rebranded version of RTX 4080 12GB Nvidia was rumored to have never released after receiving backlash over its pricing and specs. While it could be something completely different, it’s not unusual for Nvidia to release a Ti model of the card before the base model.

Pricing could be very different, as Nvidia has a backlash from the RTX 4080 to consider, and additional competition from AMD RX 7000 GPUs.

There have also been alleged leaks of the RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti graphics cards in recent weeks, which could point to a CES reveal of these new cards. They aren’t expected to be released until mid-2023, however, so they might not appear until shows later in the year.

Nvidia is also expected to release the first details of its RTX 40-series mobile GPUs. These will make their way to some of the best gaming laptops of 2023, but with the high power consumption of the RTX 40-series GPUs already. announced, it will be interesting to see what Nvidia has been able to do to improve next-gen performance without affecting battery life and heat too much. There is even a rumor that Nvidia will bring its most powerful GPU to laptops for the first time with the RTX 4090.

We will probably see some laptop models with new graphics chips from different manufacturers. Although Nvidia is unlikely to promote it in its keynote, other CES 2023 events could also feature Nvidia GPUs as well as AMD processors.

Nvidia’s software innovations have been just as important as its hard-fought war in recent years, so we’ll likely hear more about its DLSS 3 technology, including its unique technologies. frame generation technology and the most games supported. We might also learn more about Nvidia’s AI developments, and we might even experience the product for the first time in surprising ways. At CES 2022, Nvidia launched the 3090 Ti, so don’t rule out that something exciting is finally sneaking in.

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