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Buffalo Bills’ safety Demar Hamlin moves in a ‘positive direction’

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A marketing representative for the player said Wednesday that Demar Hamlin’s recovery was moving in a “positive direction” two days after a Buffalo Bills safety collapsed and went into cardiac arrest during a game against Cincinnati.

“We are all hopeful,” Gordon Rooney, a family spokesman who described himself as a good friend of the player, told The Associated Press by phone. He said he was unable to go into more detail about Hamlin’s situation at his family’s request that he not provide details.

The Bills said Wednesday that Hamlin remains hospitalized in a critical condition but showed signs of improvement on Tuesday and overnight. They said he should remain in intensive care while his medical team continues to monitor and treat him.

Rooney said Hamlin’s family was positive and overwhelmed by the global outpouring of support the Bills player has received since his heart stopped and he was revived on the field before being rushed to an ambulance and taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

“They are happy now,” said Rooney. Demar remains their number one concern. But for them, they always figure out how to turn a somewhat troubling situation into a good one. Overcoming this, for him and his family, will be incredible. »

Rooney’s update comes after Hamlin’s uncle Dorian Glenn told several media outlets on Tuesday night that there were encouraging signs in his nephew’s progress, such as doctors lowering Hamlin’s oxygen levels from 100% to 50%.

“He is still under anesthesia at the moment,” Glenn told CNN. “They just want him to have a better chance of recovering better. So they think that if he was sedated, his body could heal much faster than if he woke up and might cause more complications.”

hour | NFL player field collapse leaves fans and athletes reeling:

An NFL player’s collapse on the field shakes fans and athletes

NFL player Damar Hamlin remains in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest during a game Monday night. Watching him collapse on the field and being rushed to an ambulance raised many questions and renewed questions about the fairness of the game.

Ronnie wanted to clear up something Glenn said there was a misunderstanding when Uncle said Hamlin should be revived twice. Rooney said this was “not entirely true”, without giving further details.

The shocking scene of Hamlin’s collapse was shown to a North American television audience on ESPN Monday Night FootballThe NFL suspended it, with the pivotal game suspended indefinitely. The Kansas Chiefs (13-3) battle the Bills (12-3) and Bengals (11-4) for the top seed in the AFC.

The Bills, who returned to Buffalo early Tuesday, are scheduled to hold team meetings and practice walks on Wednesday. They are expected to return to practice Thursday before their home game against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Players and fans from across the NFL rallied in support of Hamlin, with vigils held in Cincinnati and outside Bills Stadium. The trauma of what happened also reverberated in Pittsburgh, where Hamlin, 24, grew up bent on giving back to those in need.

Hamlin was injured in the first quarter when he was hit directly in the chest while making what appeared to be a routine tackle on Bengals receiver T. Higgins. Hamlin stood up briefly and adjusted his face mask before collapsing backwards.

Hamlin hails from McKees Rocks, Pittsburgh, and was selected by Buffalo in the sixth round of the 2021 Pitt draft. He spent his rookie season restricted to special teams roles, taking over the starting job in Week 3 in place of veteran Micah Hyde, who is still sidelined with an injury. in the neck.

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