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Overwatch 2 will soon be overtaken by gods and monsters, often seen in Greek mythology, which also happens to be one of the main themes of this season. This can be attributed to the Greek mythology skins, which are currently part of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

During the launch of the current season, Blizzard Entertainment, in their blog post, talked about an event called “Battle for Olympus”. Although not much was known about the event at the time, recent information indicates that it will soon be released in Overwatch 2.

Everything we know about Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus game mode

The Battle for Olympus event is set to begin on January 5. And as part of the event, players can get their hands on special skins that match the theme. Players will also be able to participate in a limited-time event that will be available on January 5 before ending on January 19.

Blizzard hasn’t revealed much about the game’s mode, but it will be made free for everyone based on the information available. With most FPS titles, the free-for-all modes have a simple set of rules. There are no teams and the players have to take care of themselves. The first person to reach the goal (a specific number of kills/a certain score/a specific area capture) wins the encounter.

Since this game mode will revolve around Greek mythology, there is a high probability that players will encounter power units that imbue them with the power of Greek gods. The trailer shows characters displaying impressive feats of strength. For example, Junker Queen summons lightning on her ultimate use.

In terms of rewards, it’s still unclear what players will receive for participating and winning matches during this event. However, players may be able to earn Voice Lines and more Item Cosmetics. There is a small chance that players will earn skins for in-game heroes, but that’s just a guess.

More information on the rewards should be available once the event goes live in Overwatch 2. Although some Greek Mythology skins are already in the Battle Pass, players can expect to see more in the store in in-game items.

Players can also expect special drops from Twitch once the event is activated. While this is just speculation, Blizzard will reveal more information once the event goes live in-game. At this time, players should be prepared to face the wrath of the Greek gods and monsters during of the battle of olympus in the battle of olympus the game.

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