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Yasmina Raza’s play ‘The Art’, which will be staged in Hyderabad, shows why friendship is so important

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Hyderabad-based stage personality Priksha Trivedi was surprised when actors Anurag Wat, Srikanth and M Sarvesh approached her. artIt is an Indian production based on a French play of the same name directed by Yasmina Reza.

After reading all the works of the French playwright, Preksha, who is producing the play, finds it a perfect way to start the new year. Date art – With three friends as the protagonists, will be shown on January 8, and is a slice of life. A friend buys a painting with white stripes on it and tries to justify the purchase even though the other two friends find it awful. Amidst the controversy and controversy, the trio eventually realize that it is their friendship that matters to everything else. Briksha says light play is happy play.

Priksha Trivedi | Image source: private arrangement

It is also a turnaround for Priksha who has mainly produced psychological thrillers, including the recent English play the pillow. “The content got darker and darker and I remember my dad asking me if I was struggling with something. Maybe I was obsessed with certain kinds of stories. Luckily, I came across this piece that didn’t follow that pattern.”

Actors during rehearsals | Image source: private arrangement

The actors, who are also friends in real life, created the play themselves. They performed the same piece in English at Lamacane in 2015. The artists left the stage for reasons of their own and now they are back as a group to reinvent it. The text has been slightly modified to make it current. “We have added new references to discuss various aspects such as marriage in the new age, relationship issues, the COVID-19 virus and a reference to the theater scene in Hyderabad.”

Priksha claims that the audience may not laugh out loud while watching the play, but they will smile the whole time. “There are no messages in it, just a sense of warmth and calm; the characters are just like us.”

Yasmina Raza’s art will be presented in Hindi on January 8 at 5 and 8 pm; 200 rupees bookmyshow.com

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