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A family affair at the Abbey Stumpf and Friends party in Peterborough

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More than 70 people attended the Abbey Stumpf and Friends concert at All Saints Anglican Church in Peterborough.

Stumpf’s mother played bassoon and sang in high school choir and her father was in a German rock band playing electric guitar. They met and had children and emphasized the importance of musical education. The required starting instrument was the piano “until they didn’t want to do it anymore”, according to Stumpf, the second of four siblings.

Once they started, they didn’t necessarily stay with the piano, but they did with the music. Tim, the eldest, stayed at the piano and learned the fifth. Dad went to the French Horn. Duncan chose the bassoon, and Sadie played the oboe.

Abby Stumpf stopped and challenged me to play the French horn.

The concert featured Stumpf on French horn, Anika Grieve, another Eastman student who was principal cellist in the Toronto Youth Symphony Orchestra, Curve Lake First Nation’s Tyler Knott on flute and Douglas Chalain, pianist and pianist/pianist from St. Paul’s Presbyterian. Sadie and Duncan also performed.

They have performed classical solo works and repertoire for cello, horn, flute, ceremonial music, and selected chamber music.

Tickets were available at the door for a voluntary donation of $10. All donations will be used to support continuing education studies.

Are you interested in French Century Studies? Abby Stumpf started teaching. She has two students – one in Rochester and one in Lakefield. To teach online and in person, contact her at abystumpfstudio@gmail.com

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