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Warner TV is seeking a new French home after talks to renew its exclusive deal with Canal + Fail

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Canal+ has dropped Warner Television from its show after the French pay-TV giant and parent company of Warner Bros. Découverte France is unable to agree to the renewal of the terms.

The channel, which was available exclusively via various Canal+ packages and its mobile app MyCanal, announced the news of its launch from Canal+ in a brief press release on Tuesday 10 January.

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We regret that Warner TV is no longer available on Canal + and MyCanal due to a lack of agreement between the two groups. Warner TV will not be discontinued and will soon be available again in the French capital region. »

The channel said it remained available in several French overseas territories as well as to francophone audiences in regions such as Belgium and Switzerland through other partnerships.

The breakdown in talks comes with the announcement that Warner Bros. Discovery France is preparing to launch HBO Max in the region in 2024 in a process that includes terminating individual local contracts for HBO’s flagship shows.

French media reported earlier this month that some 60 shows on HBO, incl game of thronesAnd the sopranos And Chernobyl It will be removed from the Orange Cinema Series (OCS) package on January 1.

The news that Warner TV is no longer available on Canal+ came just a day after its parent company, Canal+ Group, announced it had signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire OCS and Orange.

The contractual dispute also led to other Warner channels such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Boing, Toonami, TCM Cinéma and CNN being removed from the Canal+ offering.

These channels are available on other platforms in France such as Orange, SFR or Molotov.tv and are less affected.

Warner’s Eurosport 360 will continue to be available on Canal+ as it is subject to a separate agreement

Warner TV attracts approximately 3.7 million viewers per month in France (according to figures provided by audience observer Médiamétrie / Médiamat’Thématik at the beginning of 2022) with popular programs including Leverage: RedemptionAnd The Big Bang TheoryAnd 2 broken girls and the original French broadcast visitors.

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