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Disneyland reveals plans to replace the French Market restaurant with Tiana’s Palace

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Tiana’s Palace is coming to Disneyland Park in 2023

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New Orleans Square became fit for a princess.

Disney announced Thursday that the area’s French Market restaurant will be redesigned as Tiana’s Palace, inspired by a Disney princess’ dream restaurant. The Princess and the Frog.

The current venue will close on February 17th, along with Mint Julep Bar, and will reopen as Tiana’s Palace (with the same bar) later this year.

The French Market restaurant is the perfect setting for Tiana’s dream restaurant like the designers who worked there The Princess and the Frog They used the exterior of the actual restaurant as inspiration when they imagined Tiana’s fictional mansion in the movie.

Fans of New Orleans-inspired flavors can expect the menu to feature classic dishes, including many current favorites. According to the Disney Parks Blog, Tiana’s Mansion will have plenty of “movie restaurant-like excitement and flair” as the quick-service restaurant features new Tiana-approved dishes.

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Tiana’s Palace will open alongside a stylish new Eudora store featuring Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets, a store Tiana opened with her mother in the movie.

Disney Imagineers works with Disney Animation artists from the movie to provide the basics The Princess and the Frog in Disneyland. “Within its peach-coloured walls and sumptuous green wrought-iron balconies,” the blog writes, “you’ll find elegant fixtures and appointments reminiscent of Tiana’s life and friendships.”

It’s just part of Disney’s plans to expand Tiana World into Disneyland and Disney World. The Tiana Bayou Adventure will be a replacement for the rides Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom at Disney World. The ride will open in late 2024, allowing guests to cruise across the bay as they follow Tiana and her friends as they prepare for Mardi Gras.

A new ride model inspired by Disney Princess and the Frog was revealed at the D23 show

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The announcement of the 2020 re-imagining of Splash Mountain came weeks later, with The Frog receiving over 21,384 signatures upon closing.

In September 2022, a large model of The Princess and the FrogA themed attraction was on display at the Disney Parks and Experiences Wonderful World of Dreams booth at the D23 Expo.

Disney fans quickly discovered an element of the current Splash Mountain noticeably missing from the model: the iconic twisting tree trunk at the top, a landmark visible from anywhere in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland parks. In its place is a new tree that looks better than the previous one.

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