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Lenovo mobile game console prototypes leaked

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Lenovo did not Portable Game consoles still, but they made a lot of game phones And even got market leadership. The leaked prototypes clearly show that the company is making a portable game console. As the number of competitors increases, with an increase Steam Deck Entrance, It is unclear how they plan to succeed. However, the console of the models Now it is sold illegally and the console features are mainly displayed now. Here are all the details we learned from the leak.

Lenovo’s prototype handheld game consoles are now on sale

Youtube Take Udon He bought one of Lenovo’s prototype handheld game consoles in China. As he claims, the prototype he purchased was priced at $160. This changes because all the prototypes are of a different level of quality. And 100 prototypes They were in the condition Taqi showed in the video. It will probably be deleted, but here is a preview of the console:

The console has a 1080p display with HDR support, a 7000mAh batteryAnd 64 GB of storage. The prototype’s storage space is pretty tight, but it will definitely come out with at least a 512GB option. Just like Logitech GCloud’s Legion Play prototype comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset. This makes their performances very similar and puts them in the same class.

In fact, these consoles are not competitive on Steam. They are mostly optimized for cloud gaming, so people will want to buy these handheld consoles instead of smartphones. Cloud gaming is not the only option, but it is the best option for mobile gaming. Snapdragon 720G Not a processor capable of running all mobile games in HD for years. As the goal of mobile hardware suggests, more performance makes it harder to design a handheld console. With the entry into the 5G network, Lenovo’s decision will only make sense over time.

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