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iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max flickering screen glitch is a software glitch with an upcoming iOS 16 patch

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14 Pro Max is apparently faulty. (Source: u/1LastOutlaw via Reddit)

A number of iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max owners have taken to Reddit to complain that their new high-end phone has developed a tendency to display temporary flickering or green or yellow lines when waking up or booting up. . Now, a blog claims to be part of new communications on the subject, and now seeks to reassure these users that these problems can be solved with a simple software update.

The iPhone 14 Pro series stands out from its vanilla 14 siblings not only because of its higher price, but also because of their Dynamic Island displays. However, now it seems that some of those who have come out of this kind of Apple screen aperture have encountered unexpected glitches and glitches in their day-to-day use.

number of Editors who own one of these high-end 14-series variants (the majority seem to own the high-end Pro Max) mentioned They can put transient green or yellow lines on their units’ screens when they go unlock or boot up their expensive iPhones.

Posts reporting the bugs, a number of which are confirmed with attached photos, led to speculation that they might be hardware faults, spurred by claims that they had an item in the panel lottery as all affected screens have been obtained from LG and reports that some of the affected users have successfully completed replacement requests. .

However, according to a new type ” I saw the notice by MacRumorsApple isawareof these complaints, and it is believed that they could in fact be resolved by a “coming soon” software solution. This has led to speculation that it could be on the way in the form of the upcoming iOS 16.2.1 update.

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