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O’Reilly to Maple Leafs, Monahan to Avalanche, 4 others eligible for NHL trade

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We’re just over six weeks away from the… NHL trade deadline is March 3, and a lot can change during that time, both in terms of standings and team needs based on injuries alone.

This presents an age-old dilemma for NHL front offices looking to add: Are you trying to do this as early as possible, to give new players as much time as possible to adjust to their new surroundings? Or do you wait as long as you can, knowing that the assets you need to hammer are basically all the coins you have?

There is no easy answer.

Whether it’s planned or happens naturally due to salary caps and the normal effect of delays in making decisions, most deals wait until the last week. But every year is different.

With that in mind, I might want to revisit some of these ideas below, depending on what happens over the next month.

For now, let’s have fun and play matchmaker. Here are six players that I personally like because they match the following contenders:

My understanding is that the wolf that I’ve talked to the kings over and over goes way back a year about Chychrun, and I can’t let go of the idea that it makes a lot of sense for the kings, depending on the depth at which they step to the right side of the blue line and how they can really reinforce the front four of Left side shot by Cicciron left. He can play both sides, but the Kings need him on the left.

I understand Arizona is still priced high, but the Kings have a chance to make hay in a wide open Western Conference. It’s not rent. It’s a hockey thing. It’s very logical.

It’s a fact that Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas doesn’t like being traded for rent, especially if it means giving up a first-round pick. But now is the time.

Lightning Playoff Intelligence You may still have to wait for the first round of the playoffs. Yes, O’Reilly has struggled this season, and now he’s injured, but he’ll be back before the deadline. And adding a top-six veteran with a Stanley Cup pedigree and Con Smith would be something the Leafs could build on as they try to shed their playoff demons. Note that he also has the ability to play on the wing if needed.

Now there is the small fact that the Blues haven’t given up on their season, at least not yet, despite their injuries. They hang out there, just six points away from a brutal place. But Doug Armstrong, the Blues’ general manager, also has a reputation for being realistic with his team’s expectations. I expect it to be sold out near March 3rd.

There is no tomorrow for this Leafs front office except for the year this team finally gets over a tire bump. Go get an MMR.

I’m not sure the Power B is really needed, but any team that’s serious about a deep playoff run will be looking for depth, and I feel like adding defensive right-handed shooting is something Boston might consider. And I love the idea of ​​veteran Shane in a Bruins uniform. Talk about a man who can love himself in a hurry from this fan base. He plays the game with strength and physicality and will be the perfect complement to his depth.

I understand the Bruins have already had a conversation with Vancouver about this, though it’s the time of year when the racers invite many teams to explore what’s out there and potential prizes. Still …

The Incredible Kraken has won eight straight times and has a real chance of making the playoffs in its second year of existence. They also have draft capital to spend if they want to add before the deadline — three second-round picks in this year’s draft, for example.

I know Klingberg has struggled this season, but I think he deserves a flyer, considering his body in action. I like the idea of ​​Kraken adding to Klingberg’s offensive skills and his ability to move the puck backwards. My feeling is that the Ducks want to pick Kleinberg in the first round, but I don’t think based on his play they’ll be able to get him – although I was wrong before. Like I said I got a Kraken three Second round picks…

Bo Horvat is the most attractive idea for the defending cup champions, but given the current position of injured Avs players in the standings, I’m not sure about giving the farm to the agent without strings attached. I think ordering it a little bit and focusing on the cheaper Monahan, who is also suspended from UFA, is a more measured approach, depending on whether a couple of Canadians fit their order. And it could be a move that helps Colorado reach a playoff spot.

(For example, imagine the Phils finally made a comeback and slid into the playoffs as the No. 8 seed in the West and created all sorts of chaos.)

Monahan could play anywhere in Colorado’s top nine. The two Arturi Likonne Commerce teams have been linked for a year, which is also a reasonable idea to me. Monahan is expected to return from injury soon, and before he got injured, he was writing a great comeback story for himself.

It’s been like a match since Kane hit the commercial rumor mill: The bright lights of Broadway are the perfect stage for a battered veteran — not to mention a reunion with old friend Artemi Panarin.

With the full no-action clause, Kane not only controls whether he actually wants to be manipulated, but also where he ends up. And as far as currency is concerned, the Rangers have a pair of first-round picks in this year’s draft—their own as well as the stars. Perhaps they made a conditional first-round pick, with Chicago being ranked the higher of the two?

The only caveat here is that Rangers are keeping their end of the bargain in terms of earnings and are looking for an unattractive competitor. They’ve been doing better lately.

(Top photo by Ryan O’Reilly, Auston Matthews and Jean Tavares: Klaus Andersen/Getty Images)

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