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Apple could be working on a touchscreen MacBook Pro

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It looks like a touchscreen MacBook Pro might finally be the fulfillment of some people’s dreams.

As it concerns fleurberg Mark Gurman’s touchscreen MacBook Pro could arrive in 2025, and “if all goes according to plan” the tech could make its way to other Apple laptops. In the world of Microsoft Windows, most laptop manufacturers have touchscreens in their devices, so it’s Apple once again catching up to its main competitors in some respects.

This rumor comes as no surprise given the touchscreen design of macOS over the past few years, as well as the tech giant’s efforts to make iPadOS more desktop-like with the addition of support for the trackpad and mouse. On the other hand, Apple has always been publicly against the touchscreen laptop concept. However, that situation may have changed after Jony Ive, the company’s former head of design, left the company.

Apple also experimented with MacBook Pro (2016) touch controls The ill-fated Touch Bar. The small OLED strip allowed users to access context-sensitive virtual buttons depending on what the laptop was open at the time. Unfortunately, app support was not widespread and Apple canceled the feature with its current use MacBook Pro (2021).

As someone who’s never found touch controls very useful with Windows laptops, I’m not happy with the MacBook Pro’s touchscreens. Any task I can do with a touchscreen, I can probably do faster and more efficiently with a touchpad. However, it doesn’t hurt to have options and a large audience of users who prefer touch controls.

In other Apple-related news, the tech giant recently filed a new MacBook Pro with Wi-Fi 6E in a Canadian regulatory database, hinting that a laptop version of the M2 is often said to be available. be on the way.

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