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The French paid homage to Boney Kapoor’s “Thunivu” in the most surreal way

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Boney Kapoor is the greatest showman in the entertainment industry who broke all barriers of language and his journey as a producer dates back to the 80’s. His latest Tamil industrial film ‘Thonivu’ has crossed the border and reached France and the way Boney Kapoor’s latest film has created an impressive tribute.

People celebrate the launch of Ajith ‘Thonivu’ not only in cinemas but also in the streets of France with firecrackers, chases, smoke bombs, dancing and much more. The madness is unreal. French national television declared Ajith the “George Clooney” of Indian cinema as he watched the unreal madness get better.

“I am delighted to see the euphoria of Thonifou in France. The audience is deeply immersed in the film. The emotions are incredible and it is the ultimate testament to the powerful impact a solid production with a bankable actor can have in the spotlight in a film.” says Producer Boney Kapoor.

After this captivating response, the social media crowd has already started booing Boney Kapoor for revealing his next mega project. Even during the pandemic, Boney Kapoor gave his maximum time to work and was the only producer to work on 6 amazing projects.

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