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Kylie Jenner wears a fake lion head at Paris Fashion Week

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PARIS (AP) — Pioneering black artist Josephine Baker — who left the United States to find international fame in 1920s Paris — was the inspiration for an old-school spring collection of original classics.

With her velour caressants, her bridesmaids, her broderries, her sequins and her minuscule boutons argentés, the celebrity Maria Grazia Chiuri has not yet seen the street, but she is a certain magnifique during the premier Lundi of the Fashion Week from Paris.

However, the first day of the event was not without controversy after Dior came under fire for inviting a Ukrainian-backed Russian influencer. On top of that, Schiaparelli was the subject of internet ire for glamorizing trophy searches after a fake lion’s head surfaced.

Here are some highlights from the first day of the Spring Summer Haute Couture shows:

Dior Baker

The fragrant interiors of the Musée Rodin’s gardens extension were gigantic portraits by African American artist Micallene Thomas de Becker along with other black American icons.

Stark portraits of paintings documented by Baker’s Extraordinary Life and her many roles: as a member of the French Resistance, civil and human rights activist, dancer and performer.

The guests sat in their seats, curious and excited.

According to Dior, a series of sumptuous coats, which are patterns for bathrobes, depict “the relaxed and intimate dressing room that precedes (Baker’s) entry on stage”. In terms of high fashion, she was undeniably beautiful, if an understatement. The first came in silk velvet. Its black diamond folds weigh heavy. Worn over 1950s satin swimsuits, elsewhere, silk and steel bead mesh knits featured a cool vintage style in a ensemble, while evoking quiet feminine strength. It was worn over a shimmering, shimmering velvet evening dress to indicate intimacy.

Later, Chiuri let her hair down a bit and got some bangs. Baker’s mask is hinted at in a sequined mesh skirt with shimmering fringes.

Although the theme created an expectation that Dior’s clothing itself might offer a powerful exploration of racism or being black, the collection itself remained very Parisian. It was nothing but a tribute to the black pioneer who fought battles against race, gender, and sexuality her entire life.

Still, it was impressive how many models turned up for the show—in more than half of the sixty appearances—especially considering that Paris Fashion Week, and the luxury industry as a whole, were in the thick of the show. They struggle with constant accusations of being white-centric. . .

Maisie Williams plays Dior’s sister

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams had it all as she posed for photos of stars like Eartha Kitt and Nina Simone & Baker with a pixie and Dior bust in paparazzi flashes.

Williams described coming to the show as “a dream like this,” in part because she played Dior’s sister, Catherine Dior, in the highly anticipated Apple TV drama “The New Look” — which centers on the fashion designer and Gabrielle’s bitter rivalry. . ” Coco Chanel.

“I find the Dior woman to be something I really aspire to be,” Williams, who is best known for playing the fiery Arya Stark, told the Associated Press.

“The women I love to play have compatible qualities,” she said.

Invite the struggling Russian influencer

Dior came under fire online for inviting a Russian TV presenter named Yana Rudkovskaya to a Paris fashion show, who was sanctioned by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on January 15 over her relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Other houses reportedly refused to allow the influential Rudkovskaya to attend her performances.

Rudkovskaya posted a photo of her Dior Couture invitation on Instagram. Some journalists wondered how many “sanctioned Russians attend Parisian haute couture?” »

SCHIAPARELLI makes surreal twists

The glamorous frivolity and exaggerated, surreal silhouettes take into account the 1930s classics of the house’s founder, Elsa Schiaparelli.

Such was the mood for the first spring-summer fashion show of the season – and what a start! Gold ribbons, intricate embellishments, and VIP scrolls front row inside the Petit Palais’ gilded foyer.

Designer Daniel Rosebery was at the height of his style on Monday — taking classic patterns and giving them unexpected twists. A dark tuxedo with large shoulders has been transformed into a simple space-age jumpsuit.

The bronze bust was reimagined as a giant seashell that rose like a fan and hid the model’s face. Exquisite pearl motifs are crafted in crystallized organic layers that show the ingenuity of the in-house workshop.

A myriad of ornate frills—almost like wet pearls—cut organically from a puffy bolero jacket cut off the pretty figure, and it could belong to an undersea princess.

However, the band also paid homage to the house founder whose unique brand of frivolity has captivated audiences the world over. A giant lion head — full of fangs and a thick mane — à la Irina Shayk added some bite to this ensemble. It was a creative nod to surrealism, but also to the absurdity of using fur.

Kylie Jenner, who sat front row at Schiaparelli while also wearing an anthropomorphic lion head and a gold snakeskin bag, has come under fire online amid accusations of highlighting animal cruelty.

IRIS VAN HERPEN goes digital

Reversing the trend of Paris Fashion Week and storytelling, Dutch Wonderkind said of its latest haute couture show that it is “proud to announce that instead of a traditional fashion show, the brand is offering a digital platform that allows more creative freedom.”

He accompanied a personal show with “Carte Blanche,” in which she collaborated with a French artist named Julie Gautier, to explore how female beauty can be used as a form of control.

The soft red gown, with threads that reveal centimeters of flesh, resembles a venomous sea creature, while the interlocking circles evoke spiky yet precious corals. Flowing blue and silver sections of generous fabric flowed down the coat like a generous submarine, inspired by the award-winning designer’s organic signature who has designed for artists like Björk.

Bloom Valley Girls

Spring was definitely in the air at Giambattista Valli, where powdery pinks, canary yellows, and pale turquoises mix with shimmering floral notes to end the season in style.

In this collection, the famous Italian fashion designer has cut classic wardrobe items or created unexpected dress designs.

Designed with voluminous arms, sleeves and a train, the regal ball gown is cut off the shoulder and reveals inches of the leg. An exaggerated proportions mermaid flared from the knee, in preparation for a spring wedding. A cool break from style, it’s worn with a sleeveless solid crop top that sportily reveals her midriff.

Flowers were also a touchstone.

The cuffs were decorated with giant roses that reappeared on the shoulder as if to double the model’s head. While the lacy embroidery and tulle ribbons are combined with flowery hair to evoke an Arabic dress – with giant pearl earrings scattered throughout, it seems to evoke the famous ancient tradition of Kosovo brides.

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