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A French actress said she was being held hostage in a house in Goa over a property dispute

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A 75-year-old French actress has claimed that she has been held “hostage” at her home in Calangute in North Goa since the beginning of this week due to a property dispute and is in a “dangerous situation”.

Goa Police expressed reluctance to get involved in the case, saying that the dispute over the house is civil in nature and is being heard in court.

Actress Marianne Bourgeau claimed in a video released to the media on Thursday that she was in a “frightening and dangerous situation” at her home in Calangute, a coastal town near Panaji popular with tourists.

She said that people claiming her property cut off the electricity and water to her home and she was forced to live in the dark.

The actress claimed that she was held “hostage” in the house for three days.

Borgo said she bought the house for “happiness, peace, and retirement,” but that the past few days have been horrible.

A friend of Borgo said the seventy-year-old actress sued to support her legal claim over the home she bought in 2008 from attorney Francisco Souza, who has since passed away.

She said the main door to the house was locked and no one except the maid was allowed into the building.

The actor’s lawyer, Benny Nazareth, said the case is in the Mapusa Civil Civil Court.

On the other hand, Calangute Police said that it has a limited role in this case as it is being considered by the court.

Inspector Dataguru Sawant of Calangute Police Station said, “Every time he (Burgu) calls for help, police teams rush to the site. But the police have no role to play in a case that is primarily of a civil nature.

Trained at the Paris Center for the Performing Arts and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Bourgeau has worked extensively in film, television and theater across Europe and India.

Her credits include the original film “The Bourne Identity,” “A Little Princess,” and the French-American drama “Le Divorce,” alongside Kate Hudson, Glenn Close, and Stephen Fry.

She was a recurring character in the French thriller series ‘Profilage’ and recently directed the Indian production ‘Danny Goes Aum’.

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