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Apple would put development of its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips on hold

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Apple’s plan to use the iPhone 2025 Wi-Fi chip seems to have come to an abrupt end.

Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chu Kuo believes that Apple has now Stopped development(Opens in a new window) on its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip “for a while”. His conclusion is based on a recent survey of the foundries, equipment, packaging and testing that make up the semiconductor industry.

According to Kuo, the reason for stopping development is due to resources. Apple must maintain its pace of developing “A” and “M” series processors for the new generations of iPhone, iPad and Mac. it means moving to 3nm processor technology, so Apple has “most of its IC design resources” focused on these chips.

The situation leaves little room for the development of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets, but Kuo also believes that this lags behind Apple’s core 5G chip from manufacturing. Kuo says Apple’s Wi-Fi chip efforts are currently less important than the 5G chip, and both are low on the to-do list.

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It makes sense that Apple would focus primarily on Apple Silicon SoCs, because only Apple can design them. At the same time, it has longstanding partnerships with companies such as Broadcom and Qualcomm which provide Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G chipsets, and neither company will refuse a new order from Apple.

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