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GoldenEye’s Famous “Gong” Sound May Be Missing From Switch Online Version

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Photo: Damien McFerran/Nintendo Live

Yesterday Nintendo decided to drop a bomb on us and announce it golden eyes 007 Finally, comes to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers on Friday, January 27. What a treat! We’ve been waiting for this news ever since Nintendo revealed it’s finally coming to the service.

Just two hours after the announcement, Nintendo has shared what may well be one of the game’s most iconic music tracks – Q Watch music by legendary rare composer Grant Kirkhope. These are still the hard and fast rules, but when we listened, we (and the users on Reset) noticed that something was missing…

Did you notice that? Gong noise? That is not here! *gasp* in case you’re unfamiliar with the music, this is what it should sound like.

Well, we haven’t got our hands on the game yet, so we can’t check if it’s missing in the NSO version or if it’s missing in this trailer. However, we fear we will miss what may have been one of the defining sound effects of many of our childhoods.

Many suspect that if it is missing in the full game, it may be an emulator issue. Previous NSO releases such as Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario had issues unique to their NSO emulated releases, such as missing fog or menus running too quickly. Nintendo has fixed these issues nicely, if so. he Currently, we hope that they can also solve this problem.

The ‘gong’ sound isn’t just an iconic part of GoldenEye 007 on the N64 – it’s also a big part of the film’s soundtrack and something of French composer Eric Serra’s trademark. Serra composed the score for the 1995 Bond movie, but you can also hear Luc Besson’s famous sound effect. Leon Professional in bits like Game Over’ and ‘What’s Going On There?’.

A few years ago, Grant Kirkhope explained how he was able to recreate what he calls “sonar” sound after years of questioning, and @tweet Fellow composer Robin Beanland offered to explain his upbringing:

We hope that was just a small stumble on a pre-release clip shared by Nintendo, but we’ll find out soon. We also don’t know if the same issue will be present in the Xbox version, which will also be released tomorrow, but we’ll keep a file. Eye Only in the case of the ear.

Have you noticed the loss of sound effects? Do you think it will be in the NSO version when it comes out tomorrow? Let us know!

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