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Is Timo Meier a realistic business target and could Alex Kerfoot be moved to open the cap space?

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In the latest issue of the Leafs Links Trading Deadline, insiders discuss the latest Timo Meier lottery news, the Jake McCabe rumors and whether Kyle Dubas will move Alex Kerfoot to open the cap space.

Friedman: Timo Meyer is an “incredibly complex” job to do in Toronto. not convinced that this is what they want (Tim and his friends)

Sportsnet’s Elliott Friedman joined Tim & Friends to discuss Deadline’s latest post, including whether serious lottery player Timo Meyer has left.

Friedman on Meyer’s interest level papers:

I think it’s about Mayer: For a lot of her, more fans wish she could. There are a lot of fans who would love to see Timo Meier on the sheets. I think it’s an incredibly complex business for Toronto. I think it would be fine there, but I’m not convinced that’s what they want.

When Jake Muzzin went down at the start of the year – and they don’t have a lot of space or assets – I think they said, ‘Whatever we do, we’ve got to do it for a Muzzin-style player. The way their defense played disappointed them a bit. But I think they still believed That they have time to make a decision.

We talked a lot about Matthew Kniss. In the past, Papers has shown no signs of wanting to swap Knies for rent. If he’s getting into a bargain, it should be for more than that.

I still think they’re more likely to go defense first, but I’m less convinced of that than when Muzin got injured for the first time.

Friedman on whether they leave and tankers in similar trading markets:

Similar to Defenders. One of the things the Oilers have said to teams is that they want a defender who has some upside, but they also want a player who can complete a pass. I don’t think these days, with two teams that can move the puck and so many pass-based offenses – like the Oilers and Maple Leafs – you don’t want defenders on the ice who can do passes.

I think both teams think a lot about that. I know, in the case of Edmonton in particular, they talked about it. “Yes, we want someone heavier, but we also have to make sure he can pass.”

TSN Insiders: New Jersey is a team to watch in Timo Meier; The name of Ivan Barbashev is gaining momentum (Insider trading)

In TSN Insider Trading, insiders discuss the Mayer competition and the market for St. Louis forward Ivan Barbashev.

Pierre Lebrun on Satan’s potential hunt for Timo Meyer:

Today I interviewed Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald for an article in The Athletic. What he said when I asked Deadline what exact cut he was looking for: a top-six winger. He didn’t speak the names, and he couldn’t say that either. It will be in vain. But let me be the one reading between the lines.

Timo Meyer is exactly what the Devils are looking for. why? The other thing Tom Fitzgerald said is that if he adds a top-six player, he wants a player who’s been with the Devils this year – ie not a rental player but someone. He can sign and keep it.

Meyer fits this description. That’s why I think the devils will definitely investigate this possibility.

Chris Johnston on Ivan Barbashev’s Availability in St. Louis:

Ivan Barbashev is a name that is starting to spread a bit. Barbashev is having a short break – of course, he’s fallen back from his pace and posted a career-best 60 points last season. But there are a few suitors who have him on their list. This is a name to watch.

It sure doesn’t hurt that he’s on an expiring contract making $2.25 million just for his cap. I have no reason at this point to believe St. Louis is all set to white-flag this season, but if and when they do, it could be very interesting.

Friedman: Don’t think the Leafs will pay for Jake McCabe’s first-round pick (TNN)

Friedman s’est joint au Leafs Morning Take pour discuter des intentions des Maple Leafs concern the day limite, de l’interêt pour Jake McCabe et Timo Meyer et de la question de savoir si Kyle Dupas envisagerait de déplacer Alex Kerfoot in his space the hat.

Friedman on whether offense or defense is Dubas’ top priority:

I think since Muzin came along, their default assumption has been “we should have a defender who plays like Muzin.” Sometimes, because of the way their D has played this year, I think they… I don’t know if wiggle is the right word ’, but I think they were internally, ‘Are we enough? Good here to start focusing on something? else? »

I think the first thing they said internally was, “We have time.” They probably won’t be able to do much even before the deadline. “We better be sure.” I think the way D played allowed them to rethink that.

Put it this way: any available defender I think they’ve called. I think they called the team and said, “What do you think? What are you looking at? What’s it going to cost us?” I think they’ve collected all this information.

Any striker available, I think they also did a lot. The first question would be: What do they think they need? I think it was kind of a joke when he went down, but at least I think they’ve reconsidered what that means for the way the D’s have played this year.

Friedmann on the possibility of Dubas transferring Kerfoot or Pierre Engvall to create room for roster promotion:

I think this is a possibility. The only thing I can think of with Dubas is that he would do things like that. I don’t think he’s afraid of things like that.

One thing about Carefoot, in particular—and I’ve been told this many times—is to remember that Keefe really trusts him. How really trust Kerfoot.

I know he didn’t score the goal everyone was hoping for but if you watch him he gets sent off in situations where you won’t find yourself unless the manager thinks you can do something.

I know the organization listens to Kevi on these things. They trust their coach and his opinion. I think before they leave Carefoot they need to convince Keefe that there are other options.

I think they would like Holmberg to be one of those guys. They really hoped that Holmberg would become the best player of the year. Although the encounters are a bit difficult, it shows that it’s going to be something.

In the case of Carefoot, especially, I think they’ll have to convince Keefe that someone could do the job better.

Friedman on whether Matthew Kniss is untouchable:

The only thing I can think of about Dubas is that it doesn’t lock anything, but I think it does have some guidelines. Last year, he told teams he wouldn’t hire a synagogue. I don’t think he always does.

I think of Anthopoulos and how he left. Shoot him. Why he shot: The Blue Jays didn’t have a great record that year, but their point differential was stellar. He shot, and he was right to take it.

I think Dubas will try his luck with this team because they are good… The only thing about him is that he won’t avoid being rented. I would be very surprised to see him change that position.

Friedman on Jake McCabe’s first-round asking price ratio:

I heard Frank Serravalle’s report on Jack McCabe. I found it very interesting that Frank mentioned that McCabe did not put Toronto on the trade ban list. I don’t think Toronto would pay that price for Maccabi. I wanted to mention Frank’s reporting was great, but I’m not sure Toronto would go there for that.

Friedman on the creativity required for Leaf to be obsessed with Meyer:

The only thing I think with Meyer is this: You can do it, and then flip it. Dubas is the kind of guy who thinks like that. Now the price will be prohibitive. Toronto doesn’t have a lot of cover rooms. They don’t have a lot of pictures. They want to keep their options. I don’t know if they have the juice to close this deal.

I think New Jersey is the team to watch out there. I think it was the team that really made it clear that they love Meyer and they want to do it. Can Toronto outbid the Devils?

LeBron: Canucks want young center, young defender and first-round pick Horvat (TSN1050)

On TSN Overdrive, Pierre Lebrun shared the latest Bo Horvat asking price news as well as the possibility of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews leaving Chicago before the deadline.

LeBrun on Toews and Kane:

There is a huge market for Kane. There is a market for Toews in two places. But we are asking the right question. Do they really want to go somewhere? I don’t know if Toews does or not. For Ken, I think it has to be specific to certain teams that he’s going to wait. These two players control everything in terms of complete stillness.

The other thing with Kane is that he missed a few games with something dull. he’s back. I don’t know if it was upsetting enough to happen again and could affect how he feels about the move.

So now, I know from hearing what I heard today, I think they’re waiting for the post-All-Star break to get together again and see what everyone thinks about the trade deadline.

LeBrun on Bo Horvat’s exorbitant asking price:

I spoke to a team this week that I think might be the right team for him. They said, “Listen, of course, we love Bo Horvat. Who wouldn’t?” But what the Canucks want so far isn’t something we can go into. Again, they want a young center and young defenseman as part of a multi-part package atop a first-round pick. The guy is Praise player now.

It’s not March 3. What they ask now is not necessarily what you will get in the end. The Canucks naturally started out high. At some point, they will probably have to get a little more real.

They have not yet – and may not have been – authorized Camp Horvat to speak directly to the teams. you understand; Teams sometimes feel that when an agent gets involved, there’s just too much of a loss of control over the process. In other words, the agent chooses the team.

However, if Bo Horvat is signed to an extension as part of a deal, you will get more in return. You think Matthew Tkachuk’s trading situation last summer is a great example. The Flames didn’t have to include a stretch, but they got more in return by allowing Newport Sports to participate and pick the Panthers.

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