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Naughty Dog has left Uncharted and the third installment of The Last of Us is back in the studio

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Naughty Dog is known for several franchises, the latest being unknown And The last of us. Co-Chair Neil Druckmann recently spoke about both, noting that they avoided the former, while leaving the door open for the latter.

In an interview with BuzzFeedDruckmann said multiplayer The last of us Game It’s another entry in a way because it has a new story and cast of characters and even called it “another chapter in the universe.” But for the most suitable The last of us part threeIn Exclaim!, Druckmann explained how much the team had influenced Sony and that there wasn’t “all that pressure” to follow up.

“All I can say is that at Naughty Dog, we’re very lucky that our publisher is Sony – which means Sony funds our games, supports us, and we belong to Sony,” he said. he declares. “They’ve supported us every step of the way to follow our passion – which means that just because something works, people think there’s all this pressure and we should do a sequel. This is not the case. »

Then use unknown for example since then Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is one of the studio’s best-selling games. This kind of success may require a sequel elsewhere (The lost legacy It was a standalone game, but it started out as downloadable content, which makes it slightly different), but it’s not. This prompted Druckmann to say that Naughty Dog was leaving the swashbuckling series.

” for us, unknown He was wildly successful – Unknown 4 It was one of our best-selling games – and [we were] Druckmann said, “He’s able to put the finishing touches on that script and say we’re done.” ” We’re moving. »

Use Druckman The last of us part two to prove his point. He explained that it was up to the team to decide if a sequel would happen or not. This somewhat confirms a Reddit comment he made in 2014 while on Twitter left behindLiberation Where he mentioned that there is a 50/50 shot that there will be more adventures in this world. Eventually, the developer came up with a story he wanted to tell, so he decided to move on.

Likewise, with The last of us“It’s up to us whether we want to continue or not,” he said. “Our process is the same as we did when we did second part, which is to say, if we can come up with a compelling story that has that universal message and statement about love – just like the first two games did – we’ll tell that story. If we can’t find something, we have a very strong end second part And that will be the end. »

stories about The last of us part three He appeared in several different places. Druckmann said recently that there are “more stories to tell” in the world The last of us. it is also Confirmed in April 2021 that he had planned a potential sequel, but he made sure to say that it was “a story [Naughty Dog] does not do “although”[hoped] one day [it] See the light of day. »

unknownHis future, whether with Naughty Dog or not, is also a mystery. The game’s lead designer Robert Cogburn hinted at this to Kotaku in 2015 before Unknown 4A statement that this may have been the team’s last entry as it was “tired of answering the same kind of questions in the same novel”.

However, the most recent evidence is not definitive and in some cases may indicate that other teams are picking up the slack. Naughty Dog scout says the team was looking for talent who could build teams ‘not just for new titles but for a legacy’ unknown. Despite the mystery, the other worklist Sony insider said they were working with Naughty Dog on a “beloved franchise.” The lost legacy Creative director Sean Escage also told GamesRadar that the studio loves the series and wants to see more of it, stating “never say never”. The grunt is loose It indicated a reboot, but these claims have not been confirmed and nothing has been confirmed.

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