Home sport Aboriginal swimmers flock to John Rhodes community (Update)

Aboriginal swimmers flock to John Rhodes community (Update)

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The Sault Surge Aquatic team takes second place on the final day of the Dave Kensit Regional Championships

7 p.m. update:

said Nancy Day, head coach for the Sault Surge Aquatic Team (SSAT). Today His team finished second in the Dave Kensit Regional Championships this weekend.

Sudbury Laurentian won the championship flag at the John Rhodes Community Center pool after defeating SSAT by 32 points.

Day says the SSAT team finished 400 points ahead of other Northern Ontario swimming teams after a successful weekend for the home team.

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Don’t mess with the best!

It’s not just their motto, but a message that the Sault Surge Aquatic Team (SSAT) swimmers are sending to their competitors at this year’s Dave Kensit Regional Championships.

The annual tournament is held in Sault Ste. The pair spend the weekend at the John Rhodes Community Center pool, which is home to 12 clubbers from all over Northern Ontario.

With over 250 swimmers ages 8 to 17, the teams are vying for the prestigious regional championship pennant.

SSAT 38 swimmers enter the final day of competition in second place behind Sudbury Laurentian by 50 points at 1 p.m. Sunday.

Instructor Nancy Day couldn’t be prouder.

“These kids swim with their hearts,” she says. “They are amazing kids. I am really proud of them.”

“We have great athletes here. They train early in the morning before going to school, and then come back after school to train more.”

Some of them even write exams. I’m very proud. »

Veteran SSAT swimmer Will Banton made it through Sunday, winning gold in the 200-meter relay and silver in the 400-meter freestyle.

An SSAT member for eight years, Banton credits his team with creating a positive atmosphere in the pool.

“It’s a really united team here,” he said. “It’s like a family. When we train in the morning, everyone is really happy and in love. Everyone is there for each other and cheering on each other.”

Banton will graduate from Saint Mary’s College this year and hopes to attend McMaster University.

“I’m on the college swim team,” he says. “I spend 11 hours a week swimming, plus I train on land on Fridays. I love it.”

Meanwhile, 12-year-old swimmer Oliver Benneteau has been with the SSAT since he was eight years old.

Before the last day of competition, Benito had already won five medals: two gold, one silver and two bronze.

“The hard work has paid off,” he says. “If you work hard enough, you can qualify.”

“Meetings like this are really fun. You can see everyone and hear each other. I would like to get a scholarship in the future.”

Today Regional tournament results will be posted when available later this afternoon.

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