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Troy Stecher and Trevor Zygras argue over ‘inappropriate comments’

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Anaheim Ducks star Trevor Zegras was criticized online after appearing to say something that upset Arizona Coyotes defenseman Troy Stecher during their game at the Honda Center on Saturday.

With over six minutes left in the second half and the game tied, the Zigras checked the Wolves. Barrett Hayton hit the back of the head when he fell, which led to a fight in the corner of the rink. When the dust settled, Stecher had a few words about Zegras, which prompted a heated response from the Anaheim star.

Zegras may have crossed the line with his rude speaking, as Stecher pounced on his opponent and the officials had to restrain him as the pair swayed back and forth. The conversation continued long after Zygras entered the box, and Stecher was visibly annoyed at something Zygras had said.

Zogras received 2 minor minutes and 10 minutes of misconduct per game.

Stecher continued to plead with the umpires and even some players to duck between the benches, presumably explaining why he reacted the way he did.

As the clips went viral on social media, fans online began speculating what Zegras might say to upset Stecher so much. Many thought that the 21-year-old was raised by Stecher’s father, who died in 2020 due to complications from diabetes.

PHNX Sports’ Craig Morgan reported Sunday that Zegras didn’t mention Stecher’s father in the fight, but said something “completely inappropriate.”

To make matters worse before the night was over, Zogras scored the winning goal in overtime to secure a 2-1 victory for the Ducks.

The Zegrass attached Troy Terry and lead the team with 42 points in 50 games this season. Stecher earned four points in 50 games with the Coyotes after signing a one-year contract this offseason.

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