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GHGSat tracks methane from space

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Early last year, a microwave-sized satellite beaming at more than seven kilometers per second detected a massive leak of methane from a coal mine in southwestern Siberia. The owner of this satellite was GHGSat, a Montreal-based company that operates at the intersection of space and climate change. While carbon dioxide gets the most attention when it comes to a greenhouse gas, GHGSat focuses on methane – a very potent gas. It has been responsible for about 30% of global warming to date.

This week, Diana Fox Carney spoke to Stefan German, CEO of GHGSat, about her dreams as a space kid and the challenges of expanding as a Canadian cleantech company. “It was a great place to start our business. And where the challenge becomes growth capital [and] In order to really expand globally, Canada is frankly a bit slow,” he says. Fox Carney also spoke with Clea Kolster, Chief Science Officer and Partner at Lowercarbon Capital, about how GHGSat fits in. Clean technology overview.

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