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Tobago Gold becomes distributor in France

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Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream Liqueur has a new distribution partner in France and will debut at Winexpo Paris this month.

Tobago Gold will be available as a sample at Vinexpo Paris later this month

The company has partnered with Bruant Distribution to exhibit at Vinexpo Paris from February 13-15, 2023.

Tobago Gold is available in the Bruant Distribution Suite in Bee Spirits Hall (H2.2, E078) and in the Infinite Bar in the same room.

Benoit Bruant, CEO of Bruant Distribution, said: “Contributing to the development of Tobago gold in France is a positive challenge. Moments of consumption do not diminish and the concept is playful.


Bruant Distribution has been in business since 1877.

“France is an important market for Tobago Gold, especially given the gradual differentiation of the rum category and the increasing interest in flavours,” said Helena Jagman, the brand’s global commercial director.

“In collaboration with Brunt Distribution, we are focusing on wider distribution to ensure that our chocolate rum cream is quickly available to French customers.”

Launching in the summer of 2021, Chocolate Rum Cream Liqueur is made with Caribbean spices. It sits at 17% ABV.

Last November, the brand expanded its presence in Europe with new distribution agreements in four countries.

It is available to consumers in Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Iceland, the Baltic States, Portugal, Switzerland and Armenia. Singapore and Hong Kong.

Last year, the brand received “significant” financial support from two dealers.


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