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Ascendance Flight Technologies has appointed Stéphane Fiala as Director of Engineering and Programs

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Ascendance Flight Technologies press release | February 2, 2023

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Ascendance Flight Technologies, the French start-up specializing in the decarbonization of aviation, announces the appointment of Stéphane Fiala as Engineering and Program Director. From February 1, 2023, he will be in charge of the technical management of the two flagship programs of the young aircraft manufacturer: the Sterna modular hybrid propulsion system and the Atea hybrid electric VTOL aircraft.

Ascendance Flight Technologies has appointed Stéphane Viala to oversee the technical management of the company’s flagship programs: the Sterna modular hybrid propulsion system and the Atea hybrid electric VTOL aircraft. boarding pictures

This flight engineer from ISAE-ENSMA also holds a doctorate in turbulence modeling from SUPAERO/ONERA. He was previously Senior Vice President of Engineering and Head of Design Organization at the Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR, which he joined in 2015.

Prior to joining ATR, he held various management positions at Airbus for 16 years. He first led the Road Aerodynamics and A350 Flight Dynamics teams before leading the integrated A30X Flight Physics and Flight Dynamics team. He also defined the development of products, interdisciplinary methods and technology in R&T programs during his four years, as responsible for the general design of the aircraft, including the physics of flight, the engine, the bench flight test, methods and scope of instruments. He was chief engineer for the progressive development of the A320 before joining ATR. He holds several patents in the field of aviation and has published numerous technical articles.

His technical knowledge, 360 degree integration skills and vast experience in all aviation sectors, as well as his deep understanding of the aviation market, will be essential in the development and promotion of aviation solutions. sustainability for Ascendance Flight Technologies.

Stefan Fiala is Director of Engineering and Programs at Ascendance Flight Technologies. boarding pictures

Stefan Fiala, Engineering and Program Director, said: “I am delighted to be part of this innovative and exciting project. My commitment to flying clean aircraft and my growing interest in the potential of hybrid propulsion have led me to closely follow Ascendance’s progress. I admire what the team has achieved so far. The project is solid and credible in terms of sector and objective, and the growing number of letters of intent testifies to this. The team is highly qualified and I share their vision that hybridization is the key to a rapid and efficient transition to green aviation. I am delighted to lead the technical development of Sterna and Atea, and I look forward to achieving our next goals: to bring our Sterna hybrid technology to the aviation industry, and to fly, certify and manufacture our Atea aircraft.

Ascendance’s vision and accomplishments have continually attracted high caliber professionals with extensive experience in the aviation industry. Fiala’s appointment follows the recent arrival of François Caudron, Senior Vice President Marketing and CEO of Airbus, as Special Business Adviser. Robert Lafontaine, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Airbus, joined the team in 2021 as Executive Technical Advisor.

Jean-Christophe Lambert, CEO, said: “We are delighted to welcome Stéphane Fiala. He is an accomplished professional who has been involved in all stages of the aircraft’s development and life cycle, from advanced projects and flight testing to production and global fleet management. His expertise in innovative aviation, combined with his insight as an aeronautical engineer, will be essential in driving our technical development. We are committed to delivering the best decarbonization solutions to the aviation industry quickly, and having Stefan on board is incredible value for the team and a big step towards achieving our goals.

This press release was prepared and distributed by Ascendance Flight Technologies.

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