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Canucks fan sends Bruce heading for Boudreau, here’s the jersey

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Bruce Boudreau said his time in Vancouver “will be etched in my memory books” and he will now have tangible reminders at home.

Bruce Boudreau is bringing a piece of the Vancouver Canucks home with him after a Canucks fan sent him a personalized Bruce-it-it-here-it shirt.

Boudreau may have been the coach of the Vancouver Canucks for just over 13 months, but he had a unique influence on Canucks fans.

Usually, when an NHL coach is fired, fans are more than willing to fire that coach, since he usually arrives after a long absence. In fact, it’s usually the fans who are calling for the manager’s sacking in the first place.

Not this time.

Canucks fans fell in love with Boudreau in part because he began his coaching tenure in Vancouver with a seven-game winning streak and nine-point streak, but also because of his friendly and outgoing personality. He cracked jokes in post-game interviews, happily discussed his love of professional wrestling, and was ready to make silly Cameo videos for Canucks fans.

Boudreau became a darling so quickly that fans created a chant just for him at Canucks games: “Bruce, he’s here!” Just in time, Tag Team’s 90s hit Whoomp! (This is it). »

This led to the Canucks’ season ticket holder passionately embracing the “Bruce, There” chant and having his own custom jersey made with the logo, with the number “15” replaced by “There” in the popular chant.

The fan, who went by Chester Ming on Twitter, earlier caused a stir with this personal “Thank You Jim” T-shirt as his way of calling for Jim Benning’s firing as Canucks general manager. The “Bruce, there he is” shirt was the sweet face of this shirt.

“I thought it was a funny ‘positive’ sequel to the ‘Thank You Jim’ T-shirt,” said Chester. “I originally got it last Christmas in the first of seven games in a row.”

Chester even signed Boudreau’s jersey for the final home game of the 2021-22 season, as the Canucks cameras caught the moment.

Although Boudreau initially said he did not like the “Bruce, he’s here” chant, it was mainly because he did not want to distract the players because they did so well under Boudreau. in 2021-22. season.

Boudreau came to love him, especially near the end of his time in Vancouver, as fans sang for him during his final games as Canucks coach.

He said, “It’s amazing.” “I was only here a year, but it will go down in my memory books, from the 48 years I’ve played and coached, as the most incredible thing I’ve experienced on a personal level – other than winning trophies, it’s very moving.

After Boudreau’s wife, Crystal, Share a message on Twitter thanking VancouverChester arrived and asked if Boudreau wanted to wear the shirt.

“I asked if I wanted to give them anything,” said Chester. “I thought it might mean a lot more to them than it does to me at this point.”

Crystal Boudreau happily accepted the offer and the shirt arrived home on Wednesday.

Chester added that Boudreau’s plan is to frame the shirt to hang in their home. Now, Canucks fans will always remember Boudreau fondly.

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