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Netmore launches LoRaWAN infrastructure in France

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Netmore continues to expand its European LoRaWAN network and begins deploying LoRaWAN infrastructure in France.

Business market development has already begun to establish cooperation with important strategic partners. Infrastructure expansion will begin in the first quarter of 2023.

On-demand LoRaWAN coverage enables large-scale application projects across France

As part of the French market launch, Netmore will immediately provide on-demand LoRaWAN coverage for large-scale projects in the utilities and Internet of Things. This means that customers, partners and other organizations contributing to the transformation of a sustainable society can plan for the long term to achieve a smart metering infrastructure. projects.

Netmore’s network expansion keeps pace with connectivity demand, creating the conditions for a competitive supply structure that combines proven technology with multi-year project conditions.

This market creation strategy has proven very successful in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Spain, and to date has created end-to-end security alongside a growing ecosystem of solution developers, hardware manufacturers, platform developers and other stakeholders. .

Smart water meters boost the French IoT market

Smart water meters are a fast growing market in France. There is an increasing need to improve digitization to achieve resource efficiency, which has not been demonstrated during the severe droughts that have hit the country in recent years.

With LoRaWAN-based solutions from the Netmore ecosystem, the municipality, municipal agency, water meter manufacturers, and similar organizations can increase metering and gain better control and understanding of water resources. The solutions create the conditions for increased resource efficiency that benefits municipalities and citizens, while society as a whole can manage water issues more responsibly and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly development. Corresponding solutions for gas, district heating and electricity are also offered, as well as solutions for water such as sub metering, leak control and vent monitoring.

Collaborate with platform developers and device manufacturers

Netmore builds a profitable network with partners, customers and end users in mind. The network is deployed in close collaboration with strategically selected partners such as platform providers, solution developers, unit developers and real estate companies.

This agile approach and our strong partner networks are an essential part of the recipe for success, which has resulted in our solutions being used by major players in a growing number of geographic markets. Netmore LoRaWAN has now contributed to the fastest growing professional LoRaWAN in Europe.

Ove Anebygd, CEO of the Netmore Group
I take this opportunity to welcome Arnaud Delbrat to our growing company. Using his expertise in IoT and telecoms, Arnaud leads the construction business for Netmore in France with his local colleagues and our strong international team. Arnault is a seasoned communications expert with 25 years of experience in the field. As part of his role as Managing Director, he will play a key role in the development of the French market, which is essential to the growth of Netmore’s activities in Europe.


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