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‘Diablo 4’ Confirmed Legendary Drop Rate Increase For Beta

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If you played the Diablo 4 beta, you probably noticed a shocking number of legendary drops once you hit level 20-25. Even with a decent amount of play along the way, you can fully equip legendary items, which is definitely not how most Diablo builds work mid-level in the game.

Now it has been confirmed what many suspected, that these are not Actually Legendary in-game drop rates, artificially boosted for the beta. This comes from Diablo’s Rod Ferguson’s response to a player’s question about the issue:

I understand For what You were doing that, yeah, it’s really nice to be able to see at least some of the Legendary Suffixes and how they affect your device. If some are disappointing, others seem very important. My favorite piece of gear I found was the arrow splitting rogue crossbow which had me modifying my entire build to be based on its refined skills.

But no, I can’t say I expected Diablo 4 to rain down Level 25 Legendaries in the final game, because that’s not how the structure and progression models for those games work. Like previous games, I expect you won’t start seeing Legendary drops at this rate until the level cap and higher difficulties, whose drop rates decrease as the game gets harder.

That said, I really hope we can avoid the situation we saw in Diablo 3 at launch. I played this game for 70 hours before I got a legend, and that was for a completely different class. Diablo 3 struggled with terrible drop rates and disappointing Legendary gear at launch, so even though the drop rates didn’t This Aaliyah, I really don’t want them to be as outrageously awful as they were back then either.

Today marks the start of the open beta, where you do just that No Need to pre-order the game to access it. Two new classes are being added this time, the Druid and the Necromancer, and yes, all of your progress outside of certain cosmetic unlocks will be wiped. But you can hit level 25, clear most of the first chapter, and test out quite a few builds, thanks in part to the legends you find along the way. I said I wouldn’t invest too much in a beta version that would end up deleting all my stuff, but I really want to try the priest, so…yeah. Another 20 hours, here we are.

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