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New Calgary Tank Standing Buffalo movie on HBO

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The Calgary host’s latest cartoon begins airing Thursday night on HBO Max.

The Buffalo standing tank the monster It was one of eight animated films selected from over 1,200 entries to be part of the HBO Max series. Just You: Animated Shorts band.

the monster It deals with Standing Buffalo’s battle with inner demons during his apprenticeship with the Northwest Totem Carver after the death of his wife, Marsha.

“My partner, Marsha, died suddenly in my arms of a brain aneurysm,” Standing Buffalo said in a statement. “There was one moment, and she was gone the next. Without her, I was lost. »

“I left Calgary to walk the west coast until I couldn’t walk and found myself on the doorstep of sculptor Phil Ashby. He saw that I had problems and took me in. I started a difficult apprenticeship for a year and a half, learning from him and another sculptor. The teachings were hard but helped me to heal.

Tank Standing Buffalo’s Next Project, MONSTR, Is Part Of The HBO Max Animation Show

the monster It takes place during my time with Phil and brings to life how I experienced the grief of Marsha’s death. This is my story, only I can tell it. »

Standing Buffalo worked with co-writer Xstine Coo, producer Amanda Miller and composers Cara Adu-Darko and Brandon Smith on the film, which features music by Walter MacDonald White Bear.

The film features the voices of Corey Feldman and Tristan Riske.

This is Standing Buffalo’s third animated short, after RKLSS (2020), which premiered at TIFF, and SAVJ (2021), which is currently screening at various film festivals.

HBO flew from Standing Buffalo to Los Angeles for the film’s Hollywood premiere the monster Tuesday evening.

A scene from MONSTR by Tank Standing Buffalo

In his art manifesto, Standing Buffalo said that art had literally saved his life – and that his emergence as a rising star in animation began with a scholarship he received to attend an animation workshop. entertainment in Calgary.

“I fell in love with animation six years ago when I received a scholarship from the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary,” he said. “I am someone who likes routine and discipline. I enjoy the meditative repetition needed to create animation.

“While making my first two autobiographical shorts using monster and fantasy elements, I discovered that telling my story through animation is a form of time travel; my art heals the person I once was. »

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