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Top 5 Overwatch 2 Heroes Duo With Baptiste

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A former agent of Talon, Baptiste is a versatile hero in Overwatch 2’s support roster. He’s a combat medic, equipped with a variety of experimental gadgets in his deck that help him keep his allies alive and kicking. deal a lot of damage at once. Along with his damage-dealing abilities, Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher also serves as his primary healing mechanic. Passive exo-boots allow him to quickly gain ground to reposition and open up corners to create space and replenish team health.

He also has a Regenerative Burst, which instantly heals anyone below 50 HP around him with 100 HP, a healing over time effect that lasts five seconds and provides 10 heals per second.

Immortality Field is arguably Baptiste’s strongest ability in Overwatch 2. It can be deployed and has a 6.5 meter radius. He prevents his allies’ health from dropping below 25%, making them immortal until the spawn expires or is destroyed.

Baptiste’s ultimate matrix, Amplification Matrix, amplifies any projectile fired or damage dealt by a hit or heal to 100%. This is one of the most useful endings available in Overwatch 2.

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Top 5 Heroes to Partner with Baptiste in Overwatch 2: Reinhardt, Orisa, Bastion, and More

Baptiste thrives the most in combat with AoE Healing and simultaneously shoots enemies to charge his end. Here are some of the Overwatch 2 heroes he pairs well with:

1) Reinhardt

Baptiste and Reinhardt are like peanut butter and jelly in Overwatch 2. Reinhardt’s gameplay centers around a very solid brawl combo. With Baptiste providing AoE healing for him and the entire team, team battles get very airy.

When Reinhardt is loaded into a risky game, Baptiste can use his Immortality Field to make sure he doesn’t die. The latter, with quick successive use of his healing breath, could keep the former afloat. The Amplification Network combined with Reinhardt’s Firestrike is an extremely lethal combo that has the ability to fire a single bullet at any hero with 200 health.

2) Orissa

Being the most durable tank on the Overwatch 2 hero roster, Orisa excels at being the center of attention in team fights and being an invincible hover tank. The Orisa-Baptiste duo offer great survivability and firepower to disintegrate the enemy team.

Orisa’s Fortify paired with Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst ensures the former won’t get caught in a team fight. The well-placed Amplification Matrix can also be combined with Terra Surge to instantly kill anyone caught inside. The duo get the most out of their group by strengthening their team’s ability to survive better than anyone else.

3) The Fortress

A bot that makes nice sounds is quite the killing machine in Overwatch 2. The Bastion tower mod has arguably some of the highest damage the game has to offer.

Like Baptiste, Bastion is good at creating melee fighters as they thrive playing alongside their close team, knocking enemies back with their heavy damage. Bastion being somewhat weak during its tower form, there’s no need to worry, with Baptiste providing a stable pocket of healing.

Once this frontline fighter is behind the Baptiste Amplification Matrix, only then will true terror be unleashed. The amount of damage this combination does is easy enough to knock the team out.

4) Bridget

Brigitte goes perfectly with Baptiste when they are in a fight. Even more defensive and protective, they excel at protecting Baptiste from any threat.

His Flail Missile and Whip Shot are exceptionally effective at pushing any target he might seek to dive into, be it Winston, Genji or the pesky Tracer. The duo shines in Overwatch 2 when the whole team comes together. Brigitte’s healing ability as she damages enemies with AoE, and Baptiste’s ability with her healing throat work well together to keep the whole team alive in sticky situations.

5) Lucia

Despite Baptiste’s versatility, he lacks any form of horizontal mobility that would allow him to catch up with his team if they fall behind. By filling this gap, Lucio, with his Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčAura paired with Amp It Up, makes Baptiste even bigger as a prop in Overwatch 2.

Lucio’s style of play often turns the match into a new octane. Their composition seems too oppressive to oppose it. Not only are their healing amazing, they both excel at dealing damage. And with a steady supply of damage and efficient healing, they can play alone with unsuitable teammates.

Overall, Baptiste holds a strong position in Overwatch 2’s roster. His ability to heal many people with a single use of the Biotic Launcher is often underestimated.

The key to mastering Baptiste often lies in maintaining a balance between dealing damage and healing your teammates, as one could get distracted doing either. The five heroes listed above are some of the best to team up to ensure you and Baptiste have a great time together.

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