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You’ve seen enough, ‘Diablo 4’ beta suggests it’s going to be a huge hit

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Before anyone shoots my last two Diablo 4 titles and puts them side by side, I think two things are true. First off, I think for at least a decent chunk of the player base, launching Diablo 4 would be technically difficult, given how many issues I saw with the beta even though it was a “stress test”. Not only server queues, disconnects, long delays, rubber bands, crashes and more. But once these problems are solved, the content Right from the beta it was clear to me that yes, this game really was as good as it looked in the trailers and blog posts, and as such it was going to be a huge hit.

I think Blizzard let go of most things here, judging by the addictiveness of Diablo 4, even in the early levels, even with nothing close to building until late game, even barely touching the surface of the story. If I had a little less self control I would have gone through all 5 beta chapters, the only reason I didn’t is because I knew they would all be wiped out when the game launched in June.

Technical issues aside and my issues with wanting to make every aspect of this game online – just that after all these years I still only want a single player version that I can pause, the rest of the game is fine. is probably shaping up to be a better launch than Diablo 3 itself, which took until the Reaper of Souls expansion to really ‘fix’ itself and become the high-quality entry it was meant to be. I don’t think Diablo 4 will take that long.

There’s no such clear bad idea as throwing an auction house with Diablo 4, which has essentially ruined Diablo 3’s loot hunt since it’s been around. And even though the Beta’s Legendary drop rates are increased, it looks like it won’t be stingy at launch, and we’ve already seen more interesting Legends than Diablo 3 at release, many of which were little more than a statistic. Reinforces alone without special properties.

Gameplay looks great (when there are no lags or slowdowns). The environments are bloody (literally) awesome. The Diablo 2-like stat system seems to feel good with lots of skill points, adding the modern idea of ​​being easy to stick to when needed. And what about the story? It was my biggest surprise, how steeped I was in this plot of Lilith, far more than any Diablo tale in the past, even by a few early scenes.

In short, I’ve seen enough. If you can overcome its obvious technical hurdles, Diablo 4 will be a huge success. Perhaps more than Diablo 3, given the mistakes it makes No Apparently at launch. I can’t wait for the final product.

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