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Blizzard Reveals Most Popular Open Beta ‘Diablo 4’ Class

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Blizzard has revealed some key stats on Diablo IV The open beta just launched last weekend. The beta was a huge success, at least in terms of player engagement, which bodes well for the game’s launch next June.

The beta is obviously also designed for bug detection and server testing, which will hopefully help pave the way for a smooth release, but I’m still skeptical. Both test weekends had server overloads, long queues, tons of crashes, and many other issues that will continue to be a problem if this game is a success – which it definitely will be. doubt.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the numbers he has Diablo IV beta last weekend.

Most Popular Beta Classes

The most popular classes played during the Open Beta were Sorcerer and Necromancer. Both of these classes use powerful magic and give players an advantage by dealing damage from afar, making them deadlier than melee classes like the Barbarian (or at least less dangerous to play since you can keep a healthy distance with them). enemies). The Necromancer is able to summon hordes of undead warriors to do their bidding, making them somewhat invincible.

By the numbers

Other benefits include:

  • 61,560,437 hours played during open beta.
  • Players died 46,924,644 times.
  • Luckily, players gave better than they got, slaying over 29 billion monsters.
  • World leader Ashava has killed players 10,163,397 times.
  • The Butcher has killed the player 1,727,973 times.
  • This means both bosses outplay players. Butcher only died 576,662 times while Ashava only died 107,426 times.
  • In very small letters, he says it almost a One player soloed Ashava, but streamer wudjio single-handedly defeated World Boss twice and there are reports of other players doing it as well.

Finally, there were a lot of deaths during the open beta, which Blizzard says is the biggest beta in Diablo franchise history. There will be plenty of bloodshed and carnage on June 6 when the game unleashes hell on the world.

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